Pit bull owners are more likely to be criminals

A 2006 study by the Journal of Interpersonal Violence concluded that owners of dangerous dogs were more likely to be criminals. “Findings suggest that the ownership of a high-risk (“vicious”) dog can be a significant marker for general deviance and should be an element considered when assessing risk for child endangerment.”

2 thoughts on “Pit bull owners are more likely to be criminals

  1. Wrong. Hoodlums are most likely to obtain pit bulls because they are misrepresented as naturally aggressive in the media, they are then bred and used for dog fighting and/or chained to a tree in the back yard and left to rot. Said hoodlums commit crimes no matter if they have a pit or not.

  2. Correllation does not equal causation: in this case, I believe that cause and effect are being confused… Criminals purchase pitbulls, because it just so happens that pitbulls are very muscular, “scary” looking dogs, which upholds the image that these soulless jerks want to portray. These irresponsible owners encourage aggressive behavior and fighting in their dogs. OBVIOUSLY *any* dog that isn’t properly trained and is encouraged to be aggressive is going to be dangerous, whether it’s a pitbull or a shih tsu. Dogs don’t make people vicious; people make dogs vicious. I own a pitbull, and all he ever wants is to play with his toys, cuddle, and give everyone he meets kisses. I am a graduate student, and have a clean criminal record. I know a whole lot of other pitbull owners, none of whom are criminals (incidentally, none of their pits have ever exhibited aggressive behavior). The only time I was ever attacked by a dog, it was by a chocolate lab. Do I think all chocolate labs are vicious? No! I’ve met many sweet chocolates! It’s all about how they’re raised!!! While I agree that dogs who have attacked someone unprovoked should be euthanized, it’s incredibly bigoted to place blame on all dogs of a particular “look” or breed just because they have been appropriated by criminals in the past for nefarious purposes.

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