This pit bull owner trained her pit bull to maim her – Woman injured by pit bull in her home

A Baltimore County woman is recovering after an attack by her own pit bull.

On Sunday, blood remained on the side of the home where the attack happened, in the 7600 block of North Point Road.

Police say it started inside the house, and as the woman who lives there struggled to get out — the pit bull followed her.

She only escaped by locking herself inside of the pickup truck in the driveway.

Rescue crews rushed her to Johns Hopkins Bayview.

The victim’s boyfriend did not want to speak on camera; off camera he said her injuries are very serious. He’s worried she may not regain full fun room in her arm. She has already had two surgeries since the attack on Friday.”

After the attack the pit bull and another one that lives at the home ran down North Point Road.

County police had to use a reverse-911 system to notify everyone who lives in the area.

“It was a high priority and a concern of the police department to alert the neighbors in that area and to make sure we could locate these pit bulls as soon as possible, with the possibility of them injuring someone else,” said Shawn Vincent, a spokesman for the Baltimore County Police Department.

Hours later, officers found the dogs near North Point State Park, then shot and killed the pit bull that attacked the woman; the other dog was taken to animal control.

The day before the attack, the House of Delegates voted that all breeds, not just pit bulls, should be considered inherently dangerous.

Supporters hailed the vote. “Regardless of lineage or breed each dog has an individual personality, and breed does not play a part in a dog’s personality,” said Kirstyn Cobb of the SPCA.

But opponents say it will make it harder for dog attack victims, to find justice.

“The idea is that we will now say that dog owners must know that their dogs could do this and so you could take them in to court and they get the opportunity to rebut that and prove that they don’t. It you can’t prove that they knew this, they’re absolved of it,” said Tony Solesky, whose son was seriously wounded by a pit bull in 2009.
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