Your pit bull wants to kill you – A list of victims of their own pit bulls – pit bulls that kill their owners

This list begins in 2002.
These folks all were killed by their/their family’s pit bulls: Carter Delaney, Carmen Ramos, Roberto Aguilera, Kelly Chapman, Brandon Coleman, Lorinze Reddings, Raymond Tomco, Darla Napora, Joseph Hines, Kelly Chapman, Christine Staab, Ethel Horton, Chester Jordan, Jennie Erquiaga, Tonia Parks, Gerald Adelmund, Blanche Bodeur, Mabel McAllister, Pamela Rushing, Edward Mitchell, Linda Leal, Michael Winters, Mattie Daugherty, Justin Lane, John Reynolds, Johnny Wilson, Mary Diana Bernal.
For chilling 911 calls, see youtube Tina Marie Canterbury and Clifford Wright, who last seen in his front yard, tending the landscaping, with his beloved pit bull at his side; found horribly mutilated a short time hours later on his front porch (his esophagus was gone). Oops, Charles Hagerman. Oh my, same week here’s another: Rebecca Carey who rescued pits and other “bully” dogs. Debra Roberts (found dead, her leg was almost chewed off). Wow, another “rescue” person, Mary Jo Hunt October, killed in her own backyard by her own dogs, while frantic neighbors couldn’t save her. Elsie Gracie, 91, pronounced dead at the scene, many wounds to body.
I don’t include the death of babysitting Grandma Betty Todd, as she did not live at that home. She was attacked by her son’s pit bull. When police arrived at the scene, no ambulance was called, as her throat and spinal injuries were incompatible with life. Their pit had never showed aggression, not even to Betty during previous visits.
This list doesn’t include dead or maimed children, that list is longer.
This list doesn’t include non-fatal injuries, such as limb amputations, broken legs, there are many more of them!
This list doesn’t include visiting, passing or neighborhood pets, that list is horrifically endless, and grows by the minute, from coast to coast…

It might be acceptable if pits only maimed/killed their “consenting adult” owners, but more often the victims are neighbors, visitors or passersby (pet/people).

If pit bulls can be overcome by the pit instinct to tug-and-not-stop, so that they kill adult family members, we should not be surprised when they maul or kill neighbors (pets/humans). – See more at:


7 thoughts on “Your pit bull wants to kill you – A list of victims of their own pit bulls – pit bulls that kill their owners”

  1. Once again any animal has the ability to kill. Blame the breeders not the breed. Pit bulls weren’t once referred to as nanny dogs for no reason. More often than not, they are fantastic family dogs, especially with children, but when you have the scum of the earth breeding killing machines what do you expect?!

    Pit bulls would not be human aggressive if we had laws to protect them better. If there were stricter breeding regulations so that only those who know what they’re doing breed these dogs. Once again you are blaming the wrong end of the leash. Humans are corrupt, evil, money hungry, blood thirsty monsters with far more murders and assults under their belts then ANY fucking dog. So ban the fighting, the backyard breeding, the evil of humans if you want to solve the problem. Because blaming 10 million dogs for the wrong doing of man is a pussy move.

    You’re just like most close minded, ignorant people in this world. You take the easy way out and instead of confronting the problem, you blame the next best thing. You obviously have never met a true pit bull and the loving, affectionate, giving animals that they are. You’re an uneducated fool. So if you want a solution, start looking at the real problem. Humans.

    1. GTFO, they are land sharks and should be banned. I don’t donate to shelters who adopt out the vicious dogs. Not suitable as pets.

  2. You have to be joking right? My “Pit” is a service dog and would never do anything mean… I guess if you are as closed minded as this portrays than you must think we should segregate blacks and Mexicans because they are of a “higher crime rate” We should probably think about killing them off too. Just because of the way they are BORN.

  3. These idiots have done way to many drugs. They will get theres and it will not be at the hands of a pitbull it will be at the hands of somebody just like themselves but sicker in the head. Drugs are bad and I think they have done way to many cause they have killed all their good brain cells.They are idiots. Its not the breed. Its the human and look at the humans that made this page it these kind of people that teach any dog to bite not just the bully to dumb fuck.

  4. When shelters take in pit bull puppies they should be put down. Furthermore pit bulls should be banned, They are a menace.

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