Top 20 favorite pit bull advocate sayings:

#20 – All pit bulls are never hurt anyone.

#19- Damn Nutters need to listen to my personal anecdotes about how well pitty and my daughter get along and get educated… HUE HUE HUE

#19 – I hope my pit bulls rip off their face and eat it for thanksgiving.


#17- Oh, so you were “allegedly” bitten? Oh, you got 32 stitches in your face? Oh- it was done by a pit bull? Well, you provoked it.

#16- what pretty dogs…

#15- dead children are better than restricting a dog any day.

#14 – That’s not a pit bull and don’t let anyone tell you it IS!!!

#13- A pit by any other name is still a pit. Luckily most of the public isn’t taken in.

#12- we are the silent majority

#11- every dog can be rehabilitated

#10- did you get a non pet store pit?

#09- is that BSL ?

#08- the media is lying!

#07- child provocation !

#06- sacrificing your kid on our pit bull alter!

#05- Everyone needs to own one

#04- a drop of non pit blood ruins the dog!

#03- you know what “mix” means… It’s not a pit bull.

#02- who do they think they are? They don’t know who they are messing with!

#01- why are they picking on meeee? Why are they being so meeeeaaan?


No such thing as a bad owner – just bad breeds

The most common like by pit bull advocates – its the the dog its the owner , blame the deed not the breed however –

Pits bulls are naturally more prey driven and aggressive than ‘most’ other dog breeds. That is why they were bred in the first place. Anyone that believes otherwise is deluding themselves. These dog were designed to entertain by fighting other animals.

A properly socialized pit bull can be a good dog. I have personally seen examples. Unfortunately, not all of them are capable of responding to this type of training. Even more unfortunate is the fact that a lot of owners do not even try.
So, we end up with a fair number of these dogs that are not acceptable pets. And as a result we see communities that do not wish these dogs around. This is not the dogs fault; this is the fault of owners and breeders who do not educate themselves about these dogs.
We have owners that are under the impression that their dog is the same as any other dogs and we have breeders that are more interested in selling the dogs than they are in educating the public about the breeds specific needs and training requirements.

Most “Bad Breeds” were originally bred to be guard or fighting dogs. A famous diamond mine was guarded by a stain of Bullmastiffs in Africa.  Considered by some to be a good family guard dog, who are good with children, and not too aggressive, the entire breed is banned in Denmark.  Why don’t the Danes want this breed in their country?  You decide. To own a Neo, which is an Italian Mastiff made famous in Harry Potter films, you must be certified as being psychologically fit in Romania. They are flat out illegal in Singapore.

Banned breeds run the gamut, but are found to be potentially dangerous, and therefore are banned.  Generally speaking, dogs which are found to be genetically predisposed to attacking were indeed originally bred to have those exact characteristics.  Some breeds which are banned throughout the world were intended to hunt and tackle larger game such as the Dogo.  This breed is currently banned in over 10 countries,some of which  include Australia, New Zealand and Portugal.

Probably the most controversial dog breed is the American Pit Bull Terrier.  Fiercely defended by their loving owners who claim the Pit Bull is just  misunderstood, there are two definite sides in the argument of banning Pit Bull dogs.  It’s not the breed, it’s the owner. While undoubtedly the breed can be a loving family dog, it is also among the breeds more often involved in fatal dog attacks.  Some of the reasons for the overly aggressive behavior of the modern Pit include improper breeding standards and owners who intentionally train their dogs to be vicious.  They have become status symbols among certain pop cultures, and are perceived to be macho to own.  Pit Bulls have been banned in many countries

around the world, as well as many municipalities through the United States.  In the US, it is becoming more and more difficult to rent a home or obtain homeowner’s insurance if you own certain breeds of dogs.  Insurers don’t want to take the risk, as the odds are high that one of these dogs may be involved in a dog attack where serious injuries have been sustained by the dog attack victim.

Blame the Breed – Not the deed

PRO BSL stay winning – Pit bull ban stands in Camdenton, pet owner must relocate bulldogs

  • In an attempt to keep her dogs, a Camdenton resident spoke to the Board of Aldermen on Tuesday night, but wasn’t granted the right to keep her American bulldogs in the city. But the door is still open to revise a longstanding ordinance banning certain breeds of dogs within the city.

    Weeks after purchasing her home inside the city limits, Misty Brown was told that she had to remove her two registered American Bulldogs from inside the city because she was in violation of the city’s pitbull ordinance. She received a ticket on Thursday, Nov. 13.

    Camdenton has an ordinance banning pitbulls inside in the city limits that dates back to the late 1980s.

    Even though Brown provided paperwork stating that the two dogs, Karma and Chaos, were registered American Bulldogs, not pitbulls, city officials say they display ‘characteristics of pitbulls’ so therefore she is in violation. In 2011, the city made an addendum to the ordinance that includes banning dogs that have similar physical characteristics to pitbulls. If a dog matches five of the eight physical characteristics, it can’t be within city limits.

    “Our dogs show characteristics but are not pitbulls,” Brown told the board. “We would not have bought our home. They would never hurt anyone. They have never been aggressive.”

    Brown asked the board to let her keep her dogs and to revisit the ordinance. Brown’s attorney, Mark Webb, was at her side at Tuesday night’s meeting.

    Webb told the board that the ticket issued to Brown is standing for her to sue the city for an ‘arbitrary’ law.

    “A mean dog comes from a mean owner,” Webb said in attempt to prove that the breed of the animal does not dictate the animal’s personality.

    After almost an hour of discussion and back and forth with aldermen, the board did not give Brown permission to keep her pets inside the city. When asked if the city should rethink the current ordinance, city attorney Phil Morgan told the board no.

    “She was issued a ticket. Now it is time for the court to decide,” Morgan said.

    Police Chief Laura Wright provided the board with a packet that they are supposed to look over and be prepared to discuss at the next board meeting.

    “They did not give me a chance,” Brown said of the board.

    Now, Brown and her attorney must wait. They plan on seeing what the board discusses at its next meeting on Dec. 2.

    Brown is due in court for her ticket in December. Brown must now pay for housing and shelter for her two dogs.

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Pitbull owner fined $500

Pitbull owner fined $500


ST JOHN’S, Antigua – Dave Hector was yesterday fined $500, the maximum sum the law allows, after his pitbull attacked a four-year-old boy and bit him about the head and neck, last week.

He had to pay the money forthwith.

However, since he pleaded not guilty and was not prosecuted for allowing the dog to run wild and injure Daniel James, the court did not order him to pay compensation to the family.

The child’s father, Allister James, said he will pursue the matter in the civil court in order to get compensation for the injuries his son sustained and for medical expenses.

The child was attacked at his home on November 10 around mid-morning. The dog bit him on the lower left cheek, several places on the crown of the head and at the back of his neck.

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A story from a reader about a pitbull attack – please go to the media or animal services

My dad had their poodle on a leash in his front yard this morning. The neighbor’s pitbull came charging at him. He grabbed the poodle and tried to shield him. The pitbull knocked him down, grabbed the poodle, shook him violently until his neck broke and then dropped him. He sat there like he was proud of it. He was done with him. It is the second time this pitbull attacked one of their dogs. The first time it bit their other dog, but surprisingly suffered only minor injuries. You should be able to take your dog out in your own yard on a leash and not be attacked by a neighbors dog that was unleashed and unsupervised. My dad was injured in the fall, and he is shaken up and distraught. My mom, lost this little dog that was her world. She is broken. How do you get over that? I am sick to my stomach just thinking about it. They had no chance against this massive dog. It is horrible.

A good breed – Pit bull Advocate Kim Richards Sends Pit Bull to Trainer After 5th Attack on a Human

After Kim Richards’s beloved pit bull Kingsley attacked her niece, Alexia Umansky, earlier this month, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has temporarily removed the dog from her home.

“He’s in a good place,” Richards told TMZ on Saturday. “He’s safe and with a trainer.”

But the decision to send her dog away didn’t come easy, despite a total of five reported incidents where Kingsley attacked humans.

“At this point I am looking into options to what the next step is for Kingsley,” Richards, 50, said in a statement received by the New York Post after Kim’s sister, Kyle (who also appears on the show), confirmed that her daughter had been bitten.

“Regarding Alexia: She was attacked by a dog and has to have surgery. As always, she is trying to make the best out of a bad situation. Thank you for your thoughts & well wishes,” Richards posted on Facebook Nov. 4.

Despite the animal’s aggressive behavior, it doesn’t appear that the mom of four – who got the dog to be her companion once her children moved out of the house – has any plans to put him down.

“As many of you can relate, he is my best friend,” says Richards. “This is a very difficult decision and time for all of us, but the safety of my family always comes first.”

2014 Fatal Dog attacks – Pit Bulls win again

Fatal dog attacks 2014

Fatal dog attacks 2014

Total Fatal deaths from all dogs in 2014 – 25

17 due to pit bulls / pit bull mixes
2 due to Bullmastiff
2 due to Rottweilers
4 due to other breeds one of which is most likely a pit bull

Now before anyone starts saying that pit bulls are the most popular breed or that the media is framing the breed wrong – 17 to 2 to bullmastif / rottweiler – Pittbulls are on a killing spree compared to all other dogs and the most popular dog the labrador is nowhere near that number.

Ban the Breed – Stop the Deed.