A story from a reader about a pitbull attack – please go to the media or animal services

My dad had their poodle on a leash in his front yard this morning. The neighbor’s pitbull came charging at him. He grabbed the poodle and tried to shield him. The pitbull knocked him down, grabbed the poodle, shook him violently until his neck broke and then dropped him. He sat there like he was proud of it. He was done with him. It is the second time this pitbull attacked one of their dogs. The first time it bit their other dog, but surprisingly suffered only minor injuries. You should be able to take your dog out in your own yard on a leash and not be attacked by a neighbors dog that was unleashed and unsupervised. My dad was injured in the fall, and he is shaken up and distraught. My mom, lost this little dog that was her world. She is broken. How do you get over that? I am sick to my stomach just thinking about it. They had no chance against this massive dog. It is horrible.

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