No such thing as a bad owner – just bad breeds

The most common like by pit bull advocates – its the the dog its the owner , blame the deed not the breed however –

Pits bulls are naturally more prey driven and aggressive than ‘most’ other dog breeds. That is why they were bred in the first place. Anyone that believes otherwise is deluding themselves. These dog were designed to entertain by fighting other animals.

A properly socialized pit bull can be a good dog. I have personally seen examples. Unfortunately, not all of them are capable of responding to this type of training. Even more unfortunate is the fact that a lot of owners do not even try.
So, we end up with a fair number of these dogs that are not acceptable pets. And as a result we see communities that do not wish these dogs around. This is not the dogs fault; this is the fault of owners and breeders who do not educate themselves about these dogs.
We have owners that are under the impression that their dog is the same as any other dogs and we have breeders that are more interested in selling the dogs than they are in educating the public about the breeds specific needs and training requirements.

Most “Bad Breeds” were originally bred to be guard or fighting dogs. A famous diamond mine was guarded by a stain of Bullmastiffs in Africa.  Considered by some to be a good family guard dog, who are good with children, and not too aggressive, the entire breed is banned in Denmark.  Why don’t the Danes want this breed in their country?  You decide. To own a Neo, which is an Italian Mastiff made famous in Harry Potter films, you must be certified as being psychologically fit in Romania. They are flat out illegal in Singapore.

Banned breeds run the gamut, but are found to be potentially dangerous, and therefore are banned.  Generally speaking, dogs which are found to be genetically predisposed to attacking were indeed originally bred to have those exact characteristics.  Some breeds which are banned throughout the world were intended to hunt and tackle larger game such as the Dogo.  This breed is currently banned in over 10 countries,some of which  include Australia, New Zealand and Portugal.

Probably the most controversial dog breed is the American Pit Bull Terrier.  Fiercely defended by their loving owners who claim the Pit Bull is just  misunderstood, there are two definite sides in the argument of banning Pit Bull dogs.  It’s not the breed, it’s the owner. While undoubtedly the breed can be a loving family dog, it is also among the breeds more often involved in fatal dog attacks.  Some of the reasons for the overly aggressive behavior of the modern Pit include improper breeding standards and owners who intentionally train their dogs to be vicious.  They have become status symbols among certain pop cultures, and are perceived to be macho to own.  Pit Bulls have been banned in many countries

around the world, as well as many municipalities through the United States.  In the US, it is becoming more and more difficult to rent a home or obtain homeowner’s insurance if you own certain breeds of dogs.  Insurers don’t want to take the risk, as the odds are high that one of these dogs may be involved in a dog attack where serious injuries have been sustained by the dog attack victim.

Blame the Breed – Not the deed


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