Funding for little girl who was mauled by a freindly and kind , misrepresented pit bill

CINCINNATI —Hundreds of people came together to raise money to help Zainabou Drame and her family pay her medical bills.

This was also the first meeting for the Drame family and the first responders who saved Zainabou from a vicious pit bull attack.

“I just want to thank them and hug them. I don’t know. It’s just like, what do you do? Someone is like a hero to your child,” said Zainabou’s mother, Tanina Drame.

Video was shown of that horrific day in Westwood when Zainabou, 6, was attacked by two pit bulls. The first responders were just as anxious to meet Zainabou and her family as she was to meet them.

“It kind of warms your heart. You see her. She’s smiling. She’s running around, playing with dolls. Seeing her like that now, what a kid should be doing, you definitely can’t help but smile,” Officer Kyle Strunk said.

The officers first on the scene received awards for what they did and Officer Michael Bricker was commended for keeping Zainabou’s airway open until paramedics arrived.

Also honored were the firefighters and paramedics who kept Zainabou alive while on her way to Cincinnati Children’s hospital.

“I think possibly the greatest testimony of what the people of Cincinnati have is the teamwork that we saw saving little Zainabou,” Cincinnati firefighter Doug Stern said.

As the police, firefighters and Children’s Hospital were all praised, the night belonged to Zainabou, who continues to wow us all, especially her mother.

“Oh my God. I’m very, very proud of her. I love her too much,” Tanina Drame said.

Tanina Drame is overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and appreciates the money raised. She said her daughter’s medical bills are nearing $1 million.

There was no immediate word on how much money was raised Friday night.


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