Moron feels their pitbull should not be muzzled

FUCK BSL, and FUCK all of your for being so IGNORANT to believe any of this. Pitbull or like dogs do NOT have the more attacks, but labs, german shephards and small dogs do. And to sit here and say you HAVE to muzzle your dog in public by its breed but not ALL breeds. Is wrong. You should ALWAYS ask before you pet some ones dog, and you wont get bit. But to allow a law to destroy one breed of dog is ignorant. When you should blame the beast holding the leash. Dogs are like anything else and will learn from their owners. You mistreat the dog or show it anger thats all it will know. You show it love and thats all it knows. To blame a good dog is wrong when you should blame the owner. Like every person every dog has their days. And if one day you get bit by a dog or your dog bites someone ONCE do you really think they need be put down? Because I don’t when I approach a dog I anazlye their behavior first and their body language. If i KNOW they are disturbed and i get bit or if i EVER get bit. I would blame myself, because some where I, MYSELF, went wrong. They always tell you some how they don’t want to be approached or want you near them. And to blame the dog is wrong. EVERYONE deserves a second chance just because a dog grows up in a bad place doesn’t mean it can’t learn to love. I have seen it. So for anyone who supports BSL learn the REAL facts, just because maybe you hate that breed doesn’t mean that their family hates them. You wouldn’t want your loved dog to be taken just because of its breed.


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