25 year old pit bull advocated killed by own pitbull

A Spartanburg woman who was killed by a pit bull had been attempting to rescue her mother from the attacking dog, authorities say.

Porsche Nicole Cartee was pronounced dead inside her home when emergency responders arrived Saturday.

Spike, which has since been euthanized, had been the Cartee family’s pet for more than a decade.

Authorities say the pit bull “just snapped” when it began attacking the mother. Cartee’s sister was also injured. Her mother was hospitalized and her injuries may require surgery, while Cartee’s sister received treatment on scene, said Jamie Nelson, the director of Spartanburg County’s Office of Environmental Enforcement.

Those close to the 25-year-old described her as selfless.

Patrick Powell, Cartee’s boyfriend of nearly 10 years, said the two had just separated about a month ago but were planning on getting back together.

The family’s pit bull had caused problems before, Powell said by phone Sunday.

A previous attack left the mother hospitalized, but the incident was never reported to authorities, Powell said.

No other case involving Spike had been reported, Nelson confirmed. The environmental enforcement office is continuing to look at records from previous addresses to ensure there were no prior cases, he added.

An autopsy is being performed on the dog to determine if it had rabies, he said.

“The biggest thing apart from it being a fatality is that it was three victims at one time, and it was a family pet,” Nelson said. “It’s just a huge tragedy here for this family.”


All pitbull owners should have their first born children killed


Brooksville – Little Declin Moss loved to play outdoors. At just 18-months-old, he frolicked around the yard and enjoyed being outside in his rural Brooksville neighborhood.

That’s where the toddler was Monday morning alongside the family dogs, Max and Thumper. Neighbors tell 8 On Your Side the pets were pit bulls, and that all of a sudden, Declin was in danger.

Charles Shorey cried as he described the toddler, “He was a beautiful kid. I feel sorry for the mother. She’s, she’s fighting and struggling.”

The toddler’s grandfather ran outside and witnessed a horrifying sight around 11 a.m. – two snarling, barking dogs mauling his grandson.

The dogs wouldn’t let go of each other or the baby.

The grandfather called 911, but it was too late. Little Declin was gone.

“I’m going to let her know that I’m here for her, if she needs anything,” said Shorey, wiping away tears.

Shorey admits that while the dogs never hurt any children or adults, the pets were dangerous to other animals. In fact, he told News Channel 8 that Max and Thumper have killed smaller dogs in the past.

“It is a terrible, terrible event today. Obviously, even those of us who work with death and dying and serious injury, the firefighters on scene were heartbroken,” said Hernando County Sheriff Al Nienhuis.

We asked the Sheriff if deputies had ever been called out to the address before for a dangerous dog complaint. The answer was no. Detectives are doing a thorough investigation to determine if criminal charges will be filed.

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This Lady Is Gonna Get Pitbulls Banned : Arrested After Letting Her Dogs Loose On News Reporter!

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Phuket man gravely savaged in pit bull attack

Mr Tiarasak was walking in front of his house on February 6 when he was attacked. The three dogs, belonging to a neighbour, had got loose and had just been chased away by people nearby after they tried to bit a woman.

Running back home, they encountered Mr Tiarasak and set upon him instead.

“The three dogs attacked him as soon as they saw him. He was unable to fight back and could only yell for some help. He was bitten repeatedly before some villagers came and chased the dogs away from him,” said Pol Maj Sanit Nookong of Wichit police.

Although the attack took place 20 days ago, Mr Tiarasak’s mother Benjarat did not report it initially to the police because she believed the dogs’ owner would pay for her son’s medical treatment. When he refused to do so, she went to the police.

“[My son] has already spent 20 days in Bangkok Hospital Phuket and may be released in the next two or three days as his wounds on arms and chest are getting better now,” Mrs Benjarat told The Phuket News.

However, she said that doctors were concerned about large wounds on both his legs. If these healed, they had said, he would be discharged, but if not, then he would need skin grafts.

“Both of his legs have big wounds. He lost quite a lot of skin so we have to see whether the skin will grow back or not,” she explained.

“So far treatment has cost B700,000 and there will be more bills, but the dogs’ owner has refused to pay anything.”

When Mrs Benjarat went to Wichit Police Station yesterday (February 25) she took with her pictures of her son’s injuries and the hospital bills.

“She reported the dogs’ owner for ‘having in his care a ferocious or vicious animal, allowing it to wander about alone in a manner likely to cause injury to a person’,” Maj Sanit said.

“Up to now she and the owner have been unable to come to an agreement on compensation.”
– See more at: http://www.thephuketnews.com/phuket-man-gravely-savaged-in-pit-bull-attack-37350.php#sthash.iT3iQ7Vg.dpuf

Do you feel safe walking your dog – DONT Dog Walk Interrupted By Pit Bull Attack

Pit bulls attack you on dog walks and rips out your dogs insides. lovely


Updated: February 26, 2013

Officials in Anderson say animal control officers have met wet the owner of the put bull accused of killing a man’s dog while on a walk.

The owner has been issued a citation for vicious dog.

Authorities say the dog’s vaccinations have been confirmed and the dog will not be seized.

The owner has moved the put bull to another location where he is expected to be kept more secure.

Posted: February 25, 2013

An Upstate man is mourning the loss of his pet, after police say it was attacked by a pit bull.

Anderson Police responded to a home on Jeb Stuart Avenue in Anderson on Sunday morning, after getting a call about a vicious dog.

Police reports say the victim was walking his dog in the area, when a pit bull ran out from behind the home and started attacking his pet. The victim said he tried to hit the pit bull with his cane, but it didn’t seem to have an affect on the animal.

The pit bull’s owner told officials the dog escaped his home while he was trying to leave out the back door. Police reports say he also tried to get his pit bull off the dog it was attacking, by hitting it with a closed fist.

Unfortunately the pit bull didn’t stop until the other other dog’s skin was torn, exposing its insides. The dog died as a result of the attack.

Animal Control was contacted, but there’s no word on whether the animal will be put down. Its owner is not facing any charges.

7-year-old bitten by pit bull

Kansas City Police and Animal Control are investigating a pit bull attack on a child Wednesday afternoon.

It happened just before 3 p.m. near 41st and Olive in Kansas City. Police tell us a pit bull attacked a 7-year-old boy, but the child’s injuries are not considered life-threatening.

He was taken to the hopsital to get checked out. The child’s parents were home at the time. Its unclear if the dog belongs to the family or to another owner.

The dog was taken away by Animal Control officers.