25 year old pit bull advocated killed by own pitbull

A Spartanburg woman who was killed by a pit bull had been attempting to rescue her mother from the attacking dog, authorities say.

Porsche Nicole Cartee was pronounced dead inside her home when emergency responders arrived Saturday.

Spike, which has since been euthanized, had been the Cartee family’s pet for more than a decade.

Authorities say the pit bull “just snapped” when it began attacking the mother. Cartee’s sister was also injured. Her mother was hospitalized and her injuries may require surgery, while Cartee’s sister received treatment on scene, said Jamie Nelson, the director of Spartanburg County’s Office of Environmental Enforcement.

Those close to the 25-year-old described her as selfless.

Patrick Powell, Cartee’s boyfriend of nearly 10 years, said the two had just separated about a month ago but were planning on getting back together.

The family’s pit bull had caused problems before, Powell said by phone Sunday.

A previous attack left the mother hospitalized, but the incident was never reported to authorities, Powell said.

No other case involving Spike had been reported, Nelson confirmed. The environmental enforcement office is continuing to look at records from previous addresses to ensure there were no prior cases, he added.

An autopsy is being performed on the dog to determine if it had rabies, he said.

“The biggest thing apart from it being a fatality is that it was three victims at one time, and it was a family pet,” Nelson said. “It’s just a huge tragedy here for this family.”


6 victims die due to pit bulls in 2013 IN 58 DAYS

‎58 days into 2013 & the 6th victim of pit bulls this past Wed.. RIP little angel at 14 months old. Nn excuse for this. Again all 6 fatalities are from pit bulls.



Your pit bull wants to kill you – A list of victims of their own pit bulls – pit bulls that kill their owners

This list begins in 2002.
These folks all were killed by their/their family’s pit bulls: Carter Delaney, Carmen Ramos, Roberto Aguilera, Kelly Chapman, Brandon Coleman, Lorinze Reddings, Raymond Tomco, Darla Napora, Joseph Hines, Kelly Chapman, Christine Staab, Ethel Horton, Chester Jordan, Jennie Erquiaga, Tonia Parks, Gerald Adelmund, Blanche Bodeur, Mabel McAllister, Pamela Rushing, Edward Mitchell, Linda Leal, Michael Winters, Mattie Daugherty, Justin Lane, John Reynolds, Johnny Wilson, Mary Diana Bernal.
For chilling 911 calls, see youtube Tina Marie Canterbury and Clifford Wright, who last seen in his front yard, tending the landscaping, with his beloved pit bull at his side; found horribly mutilated a short time hours later on his front porch (his esophagus was gone). Oops, Charles Hagerman. Oh my, same week here’s another: Rebecca Carey who rescued pits and other “bully” dogs. Debra Roberts (found dead, her leg was almost chewed off). Wow, another “rescue” person, Mary Jo Hunt October, killed in her own backyard by her own dogs, while frantic neighbors couldn’t save her. Elsie Gracie, 91, pronounced dead at the scene, many wounds to body.
I don’t include the death of babysitting Grandma Betty Todd, as she did not live at that home. She was attacked by her son’s pit bull. When police arrived at the scene, no ambulance was called, as her throat and spinal injuries were incompatible with life. Their pit had never showed aggression, not even to Betty during previous visits.
This list doesn’t include dead or maimed children, that list is longer.
This list doesn’t include non-fatal injuries, such as limb amputations, broken legs, there are many more of them!
This list doesn’t include visiting, passing or neighborhood pets, that list is horrifically endless, and grows by the minute, from coast to coast…

It might be acceptable if pits only maimed/killed their “consenting adult” owners, but more often the victims are neighbors, visitors or passersby (pet/people).

If pit bulls can be overcome by the pit instinct to tug-and-not-stop, so that they kill adult family members, we should not be surprised when they maul or kill neighbors (pets/humans). – See more at: http://www.abc2news.com/dpp/news/region/baltimore_county/woman-injured-by-pit-bull-in-her-home#sthash.iX6JJsMw.dpuf

Pit bull viciously attacks Chesterfield girl

A young girl was viciously attacked by her neighbor’s dog, but the owner says his dog was just being protective.

13-year-old Rebecca Harris suffered bites and scratches to her arm and stomach after Tuesday’s attack.

Rebecca told NBC12, when she got off the school bus Tuesday, she stopped by a friend’s house.

According to Rebecca, that’s when the friend’s 2-and-a-half year old pit bull escaped from the home and lunged at her, first grabbing her stomach with its teeth, then her arm.

The owner was able to pry the dog off once – but the second time, the pit bull held on, leaving deep wounds requiring stitches.

Rebecca and her family are waiting for the swelling to go down for a doctor to determine if there is nerve and muscle damage.

“I still feel safe in this neighborhood,” said Rebecca. “I don’t blame the dog, I blame the owners.”

The owners of the pit bull didn’t want to go on camera. Off-camera, the owner told NBC12 that the pit bull attacked because he felt threatened when Rebecca ran toward their front door.

In a Facebook post, the owner’s daughter says “…me and my [boyfriend] told everybody to back up but…Rebecca didn’t so my dog ran out the door and attacked her. I feel bad for Rebecca but it was her fault.”

The dog’s owners are facing criminal charges and are due in court February 28.

The pit bull is being held at Chesterfield Animal Control.

Police charge owner of pit bull killed by police officer in Lebanon

Police have identified and charged the owner of the pit-bull killed by an officer in December. Police have charged Christine Webb, 45, from Lebanon, with Dogs Running at Large.

On December 15th, 2012, police say a pit bull charged the officer twice before he shot and killed the dog. It happened in the grassy common area west of the 13th Street parking lot for Brookside Apartments. The officer was responding to a complaint of two dogs running loose behind the Brookside Apartments. The officer spotted the dogs, described as a poodle and a “vicious” pit bull as he walked to the grassy area. According to a press release, when the pit bull saw the officer it bared its teeth and charged him. The officer sidestepped the dog, but when it turned and charged him again, he shot and killed the dog.

Read more at http://fox43.com/2013/01/11/owner-of-pit-bull-killed-by-police-officer-charged-in-lebanon/#lPlOk2FGqHTkaHZ2.99

Advice to survive a pit bull attack – why pit bulls are different from normal dogs

The normal dog bite prevention advice is to stand still, avoid eye contact, don’t run, back away quietly. Normal dogs do not want to fight, they want you to leave, so they let you leave.
The “good” pits’ goal is the mauling, the shredding, the crushing. That’s why they won’t let the vicitm leave, or live. These behaviors won/win dog fights, so dogs who didn’t act like these dogs were killed by the dog fighters.
When pits/pit mixes are attacking, the new advice must be SCREAM LOUDLY, DON’T STOP, PRAY that a brave neighbor, passerby, or police has a gun and is a good shot, or has a LONG knife and will kill the dog(s). Most dogs won’t attack silently from behind, for no reason. “Good” pit bulls WILL!
Proof that pits ARE different from normal non-bully dogs? Essentially ALL US dog fighters still only use pit bulls.