Pit bulls and their different jaws-Pit bulls do have locking jaws – pit bull owner myth exposed

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“pit bull locking jaw” controversy that advocates frequently refute. Due to artificial selection for the purposes of dogfighting, pit bulls developed a killer bite. Unlike other dog breeds, pit bulls “hold and shake” their victims. Unless a crow bar or break stick is used to pry open a pit bull’s jaws, shooting the dog may be the only way to get the animal to release. Though the pit bull’s jaws may not “structurally” lock, they do not release naturally either.

Zupf references the Baltimore Sun pit bull street fighting video (See: Pit Bull Fight), which depicts pit bulls “locked on” to each other in a curbside fight. On the DogsBite.org Attack Video page (See: Attacks on Animals), we show examples of this bite behavior as well. The combination of a pit bull’s powerful jaws, the “hold and shake” bite style — designed to inflict maximum damage — and the pit bull’s unmatched tenacity is partly why cities, counties and entire countries regulate these dogs.

How about a crowbar ??

Myth #7: Pit bulls do not have a locking jaw

Pro-pit bull groups continuously attempt to debunk the pit bull “locking jaw” expression that is often used by the media and the public. A pit bull’s jaw may not physically lock, but due to selective breeding for a specific bite style — to hold on and to shake indefinitely — we consistently hear in news reports that the dog “would not let go.” DogsBite.org has recorded numerous tools used to try to get a pit bull to release its grip including: shotguns, hammers, baseball bats and pipes.

Learn more in our Pit Bull FAQ: Why do people say that pit bulls “don’t let go?”

Through selective breeding, pit bulls have developed enormous jaw strength, as well as a ruinous “hold and shake” bite style, designed to inflict the maximum damage possible on their victims. This bite trait delivered winning results in the fighting pit. When the Colorado Supreme Court upheld the Denver pit bull ban in 2005, the high court set aside characteristics that pit bulls displayed when they attack that differ from all other dog breeds. One of these characteristics was their lethal bite:

“[pit bulls] inflict more serious wounds than other breeds. They tend to attack the deep muscles, to hold on, to shake, and to cause ripping of tissues. Pit bull attacks were compared to shark attacks.”11

Leading pit bull education websites, such as Pit Bull Rescue Central, encourage pit bull owners to be responsible and to always carry a “break stick” — a tool used to pry open a pit bull’s jaws — in case their dog “accidentally” gets into a fight. These same websites also warn that using a break stick on any other dog breed may cause serious injury to the person.12 This is true because no other dog breed possesses the pit bull’s tenacity combined with a “hold and shake” bite style.

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One of the most powerful examples of a pit bull “not letting go” occurred in an Ohio courtroom. During the Toledo v. Tellings trial (Tellings was convicted of violating the City of Toledo’s pit bull ordinance), Lucas County Dog Warden Tom Skeldon showed a videotape of a tranquilized pit bull hanging from a steel cable. The dog is essentially unconscious and still does not release its grip. At the time of the taping, the pit bull was being housed at the Lucas County Animal Shelter.1

How about court citations claiming pitbulls have different jaws and are violent ?

Toledo v. Tellings trial

The trial court cited the substantial evidence supporting its conclusion that pit bulls, compared to other breeds, cause a disproportionate amount of danger to people. The chief dog warden of Lucas County testified that: (1) when pit bulls attack, they are more likely to inflict severe damage to their victim than other breeds of dogs; (2) pit bulls have killed more Ohioans than any other breed of dog; (3) Toledo police officers fire their weapons in the line of duty at pit bulls more often than they fire weapons at people and all other breeds of dogs combined; (4) pit bulls are frequently shot during drug raids because pit bulls are encountered more frequently in drug raids than any other dog breed. The trial court also found that pit bulls are “found largely in urban settings where there are crowded living conditions and a large number of children present,” which increases the risk of injury caused by pit bulls. The evidence presented in the trial court supports the conclusion that pit bulls pose a serious danger to the safety of citizens.

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13 thoughts on “Pit bulls and their different jaws-Pit bulls do have locking jaws – pit bull owner myth exposed

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  2. Hold and shake is wolf behavior, and by extension, dog behavior. It is not breed specific. It is a predatory action on prey (and can be seen by many predators other than dogs.) Anyone who has owned a puppy knows that in tug of war (a predatory game), the puppy will exhibit this behavior — any breed of puppy.

    That is the entire reason “tug of war” works between dogs. In predatory mode, no breed of dog will let go willingly. It is also why it’s not recommended to play tug of war with your dog if you do not exert your dominance in the game, and keep the dog in a reasonably calm state of mind. I recommend fetch, which requires them to yield the toy to you. All dogs should learn the “drop it” command at the youngest age possible.

    Beagle exhibits hold and shake in tug of war:

    Attack training a German Shepherd, hold and shake:

    Unbiased education is the absolute best way to fight dog aggression of all breeds.

    • There’s a difference the pit bull is designed to inflict as much damage as can be had. Your right about the wolf. There’s 5 stages of taking down prey: seek, stalk, chase, take down bite then kill bite. Hunting dogs we breD out the last 2 and honed in on what we whated. Same with these pit bulls we bred out all but kill bite. They go from 0-60 in attacks. And it has never been bred out. TheyWhat we did was to bread out I can pry open my geat danes jaw (when they grab food off counter) and you cannot pry Pit Bulls without a tool! They are not bad dogs any more than a lion that rips your neck out. For the same reasons lions are kept – because of inherent aggressive tendencies. Even the manager of a pit rescue in Arizona or near says if you want a dog park dog this is not dog for you. And stats show it too. Only about 6% percent of population but range in about 65% of all human deaths. Not a bad dog just not good for social environs.

  3. lmao… my Chihuahua grabs his toys and shakes his head like crazy when I say kill it, he also …. if I drop something (food) and it is something he should not have ie: chix bone , it takes EVERYTHING I HAVE to pull his jaw apart…. so….not to mention pitbull is NOT a breed…

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  5. This is insane!! Pitbulls aren’t crocodiles, I have opened a pitbulls mouth while it was hold on to a ball that it didn’t want to let go, I opened it with my BARE HANDS. All dogs “hold and shake.” This site is nonsense. There are pit bulls that are service dogs to people. Wtf!

  6. We despise you psycho communists. May a pitbull or any other breed lock on to your lying throats. Why don’t you go after cars, cell phones, alcohol, Muslims, they are all more deadly than a pitbull dog. I am around pitbulls at many pet stores, and they are well behaved, and want to be rubbed and scratched on their heads. I have never seen them act aggressive to people in the store. If you care to research, human aggression was practically eliminated from the pitbull breed.

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  8. So… If my Border Collie “won’t let go”, would it make him a killer dog too? Pit Bulls are lovely creatures, and you see them as horrible monsters. Remember, they are DOGS, the most beautiful, loyal, sweet creatures on the planet, stop blaming them for falling into stupid humans’ hands and spreading your ignorance.

    Pit bull kill all http://landofthebanned.com/forum/

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