Top 20 favorite pit bull advocate sayings:

#20 – All pit bulls are never hurt anyone.

#19- Damn Nutters need to listen to my personal anecdotes about how well pitty and my daughter get along and get educated… HUE HUE HUE

#19 – I hope my pit bulls rip off their face and eat it for thanksgiving.


#17- Oh, so you were “allegedly” bitten? Oh, you got 32 stitches in your face? Oh- it was done by a pit bull? Well, you provoked it.

#16- what pretty dogs…

#15- dead children are better than restricting a dog any day.

#14 – That’s not a pit bull and don’t let anyone tell you it IS!!!

#13- A pit by any other name is still a pit. Luckily most of the public isn’t taken in.

#12- we are the silent majority

#11- every dog can be rehabilitated

#10- did you get a non pet store pit?

#09- is that BSL ?

#08- the media is lying!

#07- child provocation !

#06- sacrificing your kid on our pit bull alter!

#05- Everyone needs to own one

#04- a drop of non pit blood ruins the dog!

#03- you know what “mix” means… It’s not a pit bull.

#02- who do they think they are? They don’t know who they are messing with!

#01- why are they picking on meeee? Why are they being so meeeeaaan?


El Paso Lower Valley man shoots pit bull after it kills grandmother’s dog

The Chihuahua provoked it and should also have been shot – Chihuahuas are more violent thant pit bulls!!!

A 80-pound pit bull that attacked and killed a tiny Chihuahua and was turning his attention to a 68-year-old woman was shot and wounded Wednesday in a Lower Valley neighborhood.

Angela Soto said she was attacked by the dog after she went into her backyard to try to save her 3-pound Chihuahua as it was being mauled by the pit bull, which belongs to a neighbor.

“The dog tried to come after me because I was hitting him with a broom,” Soto said. “I’m glad I didn’t fall down.”

As she ran inside, her grandson, Javier Soto, 19, got a rifle and shot the pit bull in the ribs, Angela Soto said.

“He was trying to save my little dog,” she said, but her Chihuahua, named Cejas, died in the pit bull’s mouth.

The pit bull’s owner, who could not be reached for comment, apologized to Angela Soto and said he would get rid of his dog, which survived the shooting, Angela Soto said.

Police and the city’s Animal Control department responded to Soto’s house in the 200 block of Jensen.

The pit bull’s owner was cited for not having the animal safely confined.

The city municipal code states that a pet owner “shall keep such dog or cat exclusively upon his own premises by means of appropriate and humane physical restraint.”

Tammy Fonce-Olivas, Animal Service spokeswoman, said restraint can be a large fence, keeping the pet indoors or properly training the dog to stay in the yard.

Three citations were given to the pit bull’s owner
for failure to register, vaccinate and microchip. The owner received three additional citations because he has another pit bull. The second pit bull did not leave its yard.

Angela Soto said she has never had a problem with the second pit bull, but she had complained about the one that killed her dog.

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Pit Bull Lovers Spread Positive lies Following Attack

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Anchorage Police said they had to protect themselves by shooting a pit bull after the owner released the dog to attack officers serving a warrant.

“The dog may have been a perfectly nice dog under most circumstances,” said Lt. Dave Parker with APD, “but the circumstances under which the officers were presented required that they protect themselves.”

Pit bull lovers want to inform the public that this incident doesn’t reflect on the breed.

The Hound Lounge prides itself on being a nondiscriminatory doggie daycare and boarding facility, allowing all breeds including pit bulls.

“As the owner of a pit bull when we opened I decided not to discriminate against the breed,” said The Hound Loung Co-owner Chris Prigge, “The breed is a reflection of the person that owns the dog and not therefore we accept the dog until we have an issue.”

Every dog, regardless of their size, is temperament tested at the Hound Lounge. Dogs that pass are then placed with other dogs of similar size to play. Prigge said pit bulls are very loyal dogs, but it takes a caring person to own one.

“If you let the dog out in that kind of circumstance then you don’t have the same kind of love that the dog has for you,” said Prigge.

He said he’s seen first hand how affectionate this type of dog can be as a loving member of the family.

“They’re super great animals with kids and other animals.” said Prigge, “It just takes the right kind of person to own the dog.”

For more information about boarding or doggie daycare at the hound lounge visit their website.

After the dog was shot Friday night, police arrested the owner for the original warrant of violating a domestic violence restraining order. The pit bull was taken to the Pet Emergency Hospital for treatment for Friday by APD officers, but it eventually had to be euthanized.

When idiots like these keep claiming that pit bulls make great pets with kids and there are 10 dead kids this year you know theres something wrong , if a toy killed 10 kids it would be recalled instantly and the company that made it would be closed down.

Pit bull advocate who set pitbull on sister jailed for seven years

A woman who set her pitbull dog on her sister has been jailed for seven years.

Phillipa Bayley, 55, was sentenced in Tauranga District Court today on a charge of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm after using her dog to inflict horrific injuries on her sister during a dispute in May last year.

Bayley’s sister Liz Smith was in the public gallery at the beginning of sentencing today but left in tears as details were read out.

The jury in Bailey’s trial was unable to determine whether the dog was used in self-defence but the judge determined that it was not.

A decision on the dog’s future is expected later today and it remains in the care of Tauranga pound.

Typical pit bull owner – laughs at mauled child in the uk

A mother emerged from court smirking after admitting that her vicious pitbull-type dog mauled an eight-year-old boy, leaving him scarred for life.

Owner Emma Gregory, 20, showed no remorse as she left Manchester Magistrates’ Court after hearing details of the ‘terrifying attack’ which lasted several minutes on the young schoolboy who now needs plastic surgery.

District Judge Wendy Lloyd said allowing the dog out on the street was ‘like leaving a loaded gun in the garden’.
Mother-of-one Emma Gregory laughs after admitting her dog mauled a defenceless eight-year-old boy

Mother-of-one Emma Gregory laughs after admitting her dog mauled a defenceless eight-year-old boy

Pet Tia attacked the boy as he walked home from school with his mother – gouging into his cheek, arm and leg.

The boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, screamed in agony as he tried frantically to fend off the dog.


Learner driver who pretended he had passed his test killed best friend in car crash and then told victim’s parents he was still ALIVE

His mother used the boy’s schoolbag to hit the dog in a desperate bid to make it stop, a court heard.

The boy’s wounds were so bad that he needed plastic surgery.

Gregory, who has an 18-month-old baby, pleaded guilty to having a dog that was dangerously out of control, as well as a further count of having two fighting dogs.

The court heard that Gregory from Openshaw in Manchester, also owns a second pit bull-type dog called Mia.
The young boy was attacked by a pitbull-type dog, similar to the pitbull terrier pictured, which bit into his face, arms and legs

The young boy was attacked by a pitbull-type dog, similar to the pitbull terrier pictured, which bit into his face, arms and legs

District Judge Lloyd said: ‘The victim was a vulnerable child and an aggravating feature is that this type of dog is a prohibited breed. I have seen pictures of the child’s injuries.

‘It is a mess. This little boy when he looks in the mirror every morning will remember this frightening attack.

‘Hopefully, I am told, the scarring will improve. It was something that should never of happened.’

She added: ‘You knew the type of dog it was and didn’t take adequate precautions.’

Gareth Hughes, prosecuting, had told the court that Gregory was seen shooing Tia out of the house and closing her door just moments before the attack on May 23.

Peter Etherall, defending, said Gregory – the mother of an 18-month-old baby – had never previously had any problems with the dogs.

Gregory will be sentenced at Manchester Crown Court next month.

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Drunk pit bull advocate runs into someones home and scares them and sets pit bull free..

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) – Imagine cooking dinner, enjoying a nice family evening when a stranger with a pit-bull suddenly barges through your backdoor.

It sounds scary and it’s exactly what happened to one South Fargo family.

It was about 6:30 yesterday evening, still daylight, when the Sailer family got a very unexpected visitor.

An intoxicated stranger walked into the house behind me and immediately unleashed his pit bull to roam free throughout the house.

Scott Sailer, Stranger Walked in Home: “We’re just standing here and this guy walks right in the door. Stands at the landing down there and he has a dog and just lets him loose right into the house.”

Darcy Sailer, Stranger Walked in Home: “I said, “Excuse me,” really loud to him and he made eye contact with me and then I said it again and he made eye contact with me again and it was finally the third time that I said something that he realized, he didn’t know who I was.”

With frightened children playing in the living room, the family says the confrontation lasted just a few minutes before Scott Sailer retrieved the dog and the man left.

Scott Sailer: “You don’t think of leaving your door locked when you’re home.”

Darcy Sailer: “I think when the shock was over, I just had a pit in my stomach, thinking, what had my daughter been home alone and that door not locked, what would she have done.”

While the Sailers and Fargo police believe this man had no ill-intentions, both say it’s a simple reminder that things like this can and do happen in our neighborhoods.

Lt. Joel Vettel, Fargo Police Department: “Your primary goal has to be your own personal safety.”

Fargo police say in these changing times, it’s not only important to lock your doors, but also for neighbors to form a sense of community and watch out for each other.

Lt. Vettel: “We rely on their ability to hear those things and see those things that are unusual for their area and call us.”

As for whether this door will ever be unlocked again?

Darcy Sailer: “Our door is always open, and it won’t be anymore.”

Fargo police say there’s a rising trend in property crime throughout the city and the Jefferson Elementary School neighborhood is no exception.

Burglaries in this area are up 17 percent over the first 9 months this year.