Pitt bull enthusiasts / pit bull advocates are so funny

Pitt bull enthusiasts are so funny. I’ve never seen a more defensive sort of dog owner. They all tend to all say the same thing; their favorite being to point to a pitbull being cute and cuddly and saying ‘aww lookit that little killer.’


The sick Sexual fetishes of pit bull advocates

These pictures are uploaded and shared by many pit bull advocates
pit bull advocates are sick
sick pit bull advocates
What the fuck is wrong with these people
They “love” their pit bulls a bit too much

How PBAM , Pit bull advocates and pit bull loving trolls work

A pit bull isn’t a breed, they’ll point out (often in ALL CAPS). Mistaken identity is one line of defence. Blame the owner, not the breed, is another. And, as a seeming last resort, blame the victim.

True, a pit bull is no purebred, but this is a weak argument in the face of tragedy. The crossbreed was first dreamt up by man 100 years ago, an unnatural selection that created a strong-jawed, muscular canine. And mistaken identity, frankly, seems a bit of wishful thinking from afar.

As for the final two defenses, I suggest there’s more than enough blame to go around. And to those who blame the child – or parents – I only hope you never have to turn that finger back on your loved ones.

Whether pit bulls by design are volatile beasts or misunderstood beings, I leave to you. I only know that when an animal does as much damage as was suffered by Emma, I will endeavour to accurately report what happened, as attributed to witnesses and officials, including breed and circumstances.

There’s your ‘media conspiracy.’

In this particular case, however, the arguments haven’t stopped with the usual vitriol. They branch out to personal attacks and vendettas, all based on misinformation. Ironically, one of the reasons Biniaz was so grateful for being named Miss Universe Canada last May was so she could draw attention to not only aggressive dogs but bullying.

It looks like, in one fell swoop, she’s managed both.

Still, there’s nothing fair about it. It’s unfair to Biniaz, unfair to the dog’s owner, unfair to Emma and, ultimately, unfair to the pit bull itself, who paid the ultimate price.

As for her canine campaign, Biniaz notes – politely but emphatically – that breed bans do more harm than good. Instead, she calls for mandatory muzzles on dogs that are considered dangerous – including rottweilers, pit bulls, dobermans and German shepherds – when out in public or near children.

And for that strong stance, her critics are no doubt ready to pounce again.

But also for that – quoted accurately – she’s willing to live with those battle scars.

How pit bull victims get attacked by advocates – walk for pit bull victims


The month of October is Pit Bull Awareness month. It is also the month for the first walk to remember the victims of pit bulls and other dangerous dogs.

This walk for victims has incurred the wrath of a national pit bull writer and she refers to it as the “Pit Bull Hate Walk in Tucson”. Let’s see exactly where the hate comes in. http://www.examiner.com/article/pit-bull-hate-walk-tuscon

This national writer should be encouraging her comrades to participate in this walk and without their pit bulls along side.

You never hear of walks or fundraising for these poor victims of vicious pit bull attacks but you will hear of many a walk/fundraiser for the pit that did the attack. The public might be more accepting about pit bulls if they could see pit owners having more respect for victims by helping them with fund raisers rather than a walk for a poor, misunderstood breed as they like to say.

There is nothing misunderstood when a child asks for his other face back when the bandages come off after a pit attack. Attacks by pit bulls are leaving victims with life altering injuries, financial ruin, and numerous other emotional traumas that you and I would have nightmares about. The writer goes on to condemn a pit bull victim who has taken up the cause of advocacy for other victims. Rather than offering a solution to the carnage left by pit bulls, the writer chooses instead to victimize a victim.  Victimizing pit bull victims by the pit apologists is standard in comments on the news articles about pit attacks. Pit apologists have gone so far as to blame an innocent child for their attack. The worse comment I have seen from a pit apologist was that the child deserved the attack.

Where is this hate coming from? Why is the pit community in such denial of what their canines are doing daily? Beloved pets, herds of farm animals are being mauled and killed daily by pit bulls, where is the concern for these animals from the pit community?  I encourage all who can to participate in this first walk to acknowledge the hundreds, thousands, of pit bull and other dangerous dogs victims. They deserve the same respect as victims of drunk drivers or gang shootings. You won’t see the pit community spreading hate about these victims, then ask yourself, why do they hate the victims of pit bulls so much that they would add to the victim agony? The national writer is expressing much more hatred than she claims is coming from the other side.  Please to to this link and look at the faces of the victims that this national writer says don’t deserve a walk to remember them. http://walkforvictimsofpitbulls.blogspot.com/ 

Pit bull owner guilt

Intellectual debate with pit bull experts with the goal to end the pit bull breed – PIT BULL HOLOCAUST FORUMS – Join the largest anti pit bull and anti pit bull owner forum in the world

PIT BULL GUILT – PIT BULL guilt is the individual or collective guilt often said to be felt by most pit bull owners for the violent attacks by pit bulls both historically and presently.The term is generally used in a pejorative way (and in a partisan fashion within American political circles). Pit bull guilt has been described as one of several psychosocial costs of pit bull ownership for pit bull advocates and individuals along with the ability to have empathic reactions towards pit bull attacks.

Intellectual debate with pit bull experts with the goal to end the pit bull breed – PIT BULL HOLOCAUST FORUMS – Join the largest anti pit bull and anti pit bull owner forum in the world