Top 20 favorite pit bull advocate sayings:

#20 – All pit bulls are never hurt anyone.

#19- Damn Nutters need to listen to my personal anecdotes about how well pitty and my daughter get along and get educated… HUE HUE HUE

#19 – I hope my pit bulls rip off their face and eat it for thanksgiving.


#17- Oh, so you were “allegedly” bitten? Oh, you got 32 stitches in your face? Oh- it was done by a pit bull? Well, you provoked it.

#16- what pretty dogs…

#15- dead children are better than restricting a dog any day.

#14 – That’s not a pit bull and don’t let anyone tell you it IS!!!

#13- A pit by any other name is still a pit. Luckily most of the public isn’t taken in.

#12- we are the silent majority

#11- every dog can be rehabilitated

#10- did you get a non pet store pit?

#09- is that BSL ?

#08- the media is lying!

#07- child provocation !

#06- sacrificing your kid on our pit bull alter!

#05- Everyone needs to own one

#04- a drop of non pit blood ruins the dog!

#03- you know what “mix” means… It’s not a pit bull.

#02- who do they think they are? They don’t know who they are messing with!

#01- why are they picking on meeee? Why are they being so meeeeaaan?


Ban pit bulls in australia – Sydney pitbull attack: Jogger Rob Nelson ‘screamed for mercy’ as police announce dogs will be destroyed

The owner of the three American pit bull terriers signed for the animals to be put down, after they mauled 49-year-old Rob Nelson at Ashcroft yesterday.

Police today confirmed the dogs would be destroyed.

Meanwhile, Liverpool Council revealed the dogs’ owner had been fined earlier this year for keeping unregistered pets.

Chris Thompson, 40, described the horrific scene.

“I was in the backyard working and I heard the bloke scream for mercy and I ran out at a 100 miles per hour and ran into the dogs and tried to put a kick into them.

Police want dogs that bit man destroyed


Police want dogs that bit man destroyed

Police say that three dogs that viciously attacked a jogger in Sydney’s southwest should be killed.

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“They were gnawing on his shoulder the way dogs do when they have a the knuckle of a bone.”

Mr Thompson’s friend, Colin McEwen, who also went to help was then set upon by the dogs and hand his hand mauled.

“I grabbed a pot plant and cracked it over the dogs heads and the shock made them disperse but then they came back and latched onto Colin’s hand.

“I got a hammer and smacked it straight in the snout and it did nothing. It was wagging its tail like it had done good.

“Colin was on the ground and it went for his head but I got it with a hammer just in time and just missed Colin’s head by inches.

“I chased them back to their house and the lady came out saying they weren’t her dogs.”

The woman is believed to be the partner of the dog owner who just recently moved in.

“I’ve seen some stuff in my time, but that’s up there with the worst,” Mr Thompson said.

Mr Nelson was on Maxwells Ave, Ashcroft, in Sydney’s southwest, just after 2pm yesterday when the dogs knocked him to the ground and started biting him.

The NSW opposition is now calling for a full investigation after a man was savagely mauled.

A lady who would only give her name as Julie said the victim was in a bad way.

“He’s in good spirits but physically he’s a mess, he’s in a bad way,” she said.

“I don’t think it’s going to leave him for a while.

“He’ll be in hospital past today, he isn’t getting out anytime soon.”

The crazed animals dragged the man from the footpath and on to the road during the five-minute attack.

“Two men in the street heard a man screaming for his life and armed themselves with what they could, which was a hammer and pipe,” paramedic John Brotherhood said.

“The man had suffered some of the worst injuries I have seen in 27 years as a paramedic.

“His upper body was so traumatised I had to insert a intravenous drip through his feet. His height has probably saved him. A child or younger person would have had no hope warding off those dogs. The attack would have been fatal.”

Mr Brotherhood said the men that raced to his aid were incredibly brave and probably saved the jogger’s life.

One of the men, aged 54, received a severe bite to his hand and was taken to Liverpool Hospital. “The two primary care paramedics were first on the scene and did a terrific job,” he said, adding the main victim’s injuries were predominantly to his chest and arms.

The three men managed to chase off two of the dogs and knock the third out, but not before one rescuer had been bitten on the hand and abdomen. At least one of the dogs had to be tasered by police.

Brad Moore, who was in the backyard of his home when the attack took place in his driveway, said he could see the bite marks clearly.

“There was blood in the driveway,” he said.

“We thought it was the neighbours having a fight until we came out the front and saw him sitting on the front step.”

Police secured the dogs until trained council rangers came and collected them.

Detectives spoke to the owners, who lived two blocks from the scene of the attack, for more than an hour. “The owners could well be charged and the animals put down,” a police spokesman said.

Typical pit bull owning coward – runs away when pit bull attacks – ban pit bulls in australia

THE life of a pit bull involved in an attack that led to the death of a guide dog is now in Banyule Council’s hands.

The Heidelberg Magistrates’ Court today found Heidelberg West man Tarren Braunton guilty of four charges after the August 9 incident in which three of his dogs escaped his Plunkett St property.

One of the four charges involved an attack by restricted pit bull cross ‘Buddy’ on cocker spaniel ‘Bosley’.

Bosley’s owner, Allan Close, of Ivanhoe, was walking the cocker spaniel and his brother Andrew’s guide dog ‘Matilda’, when the attack happened.

The court heard Matilda ran away after Buddy began attacking Bosley.

Matilda was eventually found dead, after being hit by a car on Bell St.

Magistrate Michael Wighton said the council would decide Buddy’s fate and ordered Mr Braunton, who is unemployed, to pay more than $4000 in costs.

Braunton’s other dogs, a restricted pit bull cross and a bull terrier, were deemed not at fault.

In court, Allan Close said when he found Matilda on the night she was almost dead.

“Matilda was barely alive, she was breathing hard and close to death,” Mr Close said.

Braunton said he had done everything he could to stop Buddy from attacking the other dog.

Act now to stop PIT BULL dogs of terror, attack victim says

via Act now to stop PITBULL dogs of terror, attack victim says.

Khytheria Luong and her dog Hypie before the attack.

MT PRITCHARD resident Khytheria Luong is calling on Fairfield Council to enact a tougher policy against dangerous dogs after she and her two dogs were injured in an attack by an American pitbull last month.

Ms Luong was walking her two dogs, Hypie and Cappuccino, near her home on Meadows Rd when they were attacked by the pitbull.

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Ms Luong escaped the violent attack with bites to her hand, but 12-year-old Hypie’s injuries were so severe the beloved pet was euthanised the next day.

In a desperate attempt to find the aggressor dog and prevent further attacks, Ms Luong has organised a letterbox drop to raise awareness among her neighbours.

She has also called on council to toughen its stance on dangerous dogs.

“This dog will attack again; it’s only a matter of time until the next victim will be a defenceless child, elderly person or a mother with a pram,” Ms Luong said.

“We need a reporting hotline, or national register of dog attacks, and to put more information into the community.”

Ms Luong said she reported the incident to Fairfield Council the day after attack, but was told that council “was powerless” to find the dog.

“I feel there is inaction from Fairfield Council and no sense of responsibility to ongoing threats of dangerous dogs walking the streets,” she said.

“It’s the case of council shifting blame when stating they cannot find the owner.

“It’s a frustrating situation and so many things are out of our control, but I don’t want to hear that a dangerous dog has attacked again.”

A council spokesman said council took matters of dog attacks very seriously and would continue to investigate Ms Luong’s case.

“Council continues to patrol this area but no further sightings have been made since it was reported,” he said.

via Act now to stop PITBULL dogs of terror, attack victim says.