Top 20 favorite pit bull advocate sayings:

#20 – All pit bulls are never hurt anyone.

#19- Damn Nutters need to listen to my personal anecdotes about how well pitty and my daughter get along and get educated… HUE HUE HUE

#19 – I hope my pit bulls rip off their face and eat it for thanksgiving.


#17- Oh, so you were “allegedly” bitten? Oh, you got 32 stitches in your face? Oh- it was done by a pit bull? Well, you provoked it.

#16- what pretty dogs…

#15- dead children are better than restricting a dog any day.

#14 – That’s not a pit bull and don’t let anyone tell you it IS!!!

#13- A pit by any other name is still a pit. Luckily most of the public isn’t taken in.

#12- we are the silent majority

#11- every dog can be rehabilitated

#10- did you get a non pet store pit?

#09- is that BSL ?

#08- the media is lying!

#07- child provocation !

#06- sacrificing your kid on our pit bull alter!

#05- Everyone needs to own one

#04- a drop of non pit blood ruins the dog!

#03- you know what “mix” means… It’s not a pit bull.

#02- who do they think they are? They don’t know who they are messing with!

#01- why are they picking on meeee? Why are they being so meeeeaaan?


Typical pit bull owner hides breed of vicious pit bull – Coroner finds pitbull owners concealed breed

Lazor Josevski and Nick Josevski need to be fed to a pit bull their digusting flaunting of laws caused a child to die.

THE OWNERS of a pitbull cross that killed St Albans toddler Ayen Chol intentionally concealed their restricted breed dog from Brimbank City Council, a coroner has found.

Four-year-old Ayen Chol was killed after a neighbours’ pitbull cross mauled her to death in her family home in August last year.

Coroner Kim Parkinson’s ruling released last Friday found Mr Lazor Josevski and his son Nick Josevski, owners of the dog named ‘Rex’, contributed to Ayen’s death by deliberately concealing the pitbull cross from the relevant authorities and failing to keep the dog locked up as required under restricted breed dog laws.

“I am satisfied that the failure to update the council records on the part of the ‘owners’ of the dog, was a deliberate and successful attempt to conceal the dog from the authorities and to avoid the scrutiny, supervision and limitations associated with owning a restricted dog breed,” Ms Parkinson said.

In her findings, Ms Parkinson said the owners had not complied with the legal requirements despite extensive publicity and education campaigns and enforcement attempts made by local government bodies and the Department of Primary Industries.

She said Brimbank City Council had allocated extensive resources and actively pursued the regulation and management of animals, including restricted breed dogs, in its community.

“That they [the Council] were unaware of the existence of the dog is not due to a lack of vigilance on the part of council or its officers, but rather as a result of the deliberate concealing of the animal,” Ms Parkinson said.

Ms Parkinson recommended in her finding that the Domestic Animals Act 1994 needed to be amended to require veterinarians to report to the authorities any restricted breed dog that they treat which is not registered, neutered and miro-chipped.

She also recommended that the Victorian Parliament prohibit the breeding of restricted breed dogs and that criminal charges should apply to any breeding activity.

Mr Lazor Josevski was fined $11,000 after pleading guilty to four charges over the fatal dog attack in July.

Pitbull Dog that ate little girl showed no aggression” owner

via Pitbull Dog that ate little girl showed no aggression” owner.

THE owner of a pitbull cross that killed St Albans toddler Ayen Chol said he would have never accepted the dog if he knew it had the potential to harm others.

Four-year-old Ayen Chol died after being mauled by the dog in her family home last August.

The man who was responsible for the dog at the time, Lazor Josevski, told the Victorian Coroners’ Court last week that the dog, Rex, was “obedient” and had never shown any signs of aggression.

“I was not expecting Rex would bite anyone,” Mr Josevski said.

“We are good people and have brought this dog up in a good environment.”

Mr Josevski, 58, told the court that Rex had regular contact with children as young as two years old and never left the backyard.

He said if Rex had ever shown any signs of aggression he would have put him down.

The dog had not been desexed or microchipped and was not registered with Brimbank City Council.

Mr Josevski said he had never heard of the rules which apply to owners of restricted breed dogs.

In a statement read to the court, Ayen’s mother Jacklin Ancaito described the attack on her daughter as the scariest moment of her life.

“The dog was going crazy biting anyone it could see,” she said.

Ms Ancaito said the dog had grabbed her daughter by the face and neck and started shaking her from side to side.

“I heard her scream once and I never heard her scream again,” Ms Ancaito said.

“I don’t think this will ever get out of my head. This incident will be with me forever.”

Mr Josevski pleaded guilty to four charges over the fatal attack and was fined a total of $11,000 last month.

New laws, introduced after Ayen’s death, mean owners of dangerous dogs that cause death can now face penalties of up to 10 years in prison.

via Pitbull Dog that ate little girl showed no aggression” owner.