Ban pit bulls in australia – Sydney pitbull attack: Jogger Rob Nelson ‘screamed for mercy’ as police announce dogs will be destroyed

The owner of the three American pit bull terriers signed for the animals to be put down, after they mauled 49-year-old Rob Nelson at Ashcroft yesterday.

Police today confirmed the dogs would be destroyed.

Meanwhile, Liverpool Council revealed the dogs’ owner had been fined earlier this year for keeping unregistered pets.

Chris Thompson, 40, described the horrific scene.

“I was in the backyard working and I heard the bloke scream for mercy and I ran out at a 100 miles per hour and ran into the dogs and tried to put a kick into them.

Police want dogs that bit man destroyed


Police want dogs that bit man destroyed

Police say that three dogs that viciously attacked a jogger in Sydney’s southwest should be killed.

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“They were gnawing on his shoulder the way dogs do when they have a the knuckle of a bone.”

Mr Thompson’s friend, Colin McEwen, who also went to help was then set upon by the dogs and hand his hand mauled.

“I grabbed a pot plant and cracked it over the dogs heads and the shock made them disperse but then they came back and latched onto Colin’s hand.

“I got a hammer and smacked it straight in the snout and it did nothing. It was wagging its tail like it had done good.

“Colin was on the ground and it went for his head but I got it with a hammer just in time and just missed Colin’s head by inches.

“I chased them back to their house and the lady came out saying they weren’t her dogs.”

The woman is believed to be the partner of the dog owner who just recently moved in.

“I’ve seen some stuff in my time, but that’s up there with the worst,” Mr Thompson said.

Mr Nelson was on Maxwells Ave, Ashcroft, in Sydney’s southwest, just after 2pm yesterday when the dogs knocked him to the ground and started biting him.

The NSW opposition is now calling for a full investigation after a man was savagely mauled.

A lady who would only give her name as Julie said the victim was in a bad way.

“He’s in good spirits but physically he’s a mess, he’s in a bad way,” she said.

“I don’t think it’s going to leave him for a while.

“He’ll be in hospital past today, he isn’t getting out anytime soon.”

The crazed animals dragged the man from the footpath and on to the road during the five-minute attack.

“Two men in the street heard a man screaming for his life and armed themselves with what they could, which was a hammer and pipe,” paramedic John Brotherhood said.

“The man had suffered some of the worst injuries I have seen in 27 years as a paramedic.

“His upper body was so traumatised I had to insert a intravenous drip through his feet. His height has probably saved him. A child or younger person would have had no hope warding off those dogs. The attack would have been fatal.”

Mr Brotherhood said the men that raced to his aid were incredibly brave and probably saved the jogger’s life.

One of the men, aged 54, received a severe bite to his hand and was taken to Liverpool Hospital. “The two primary care paramedics were first on the scene and did a terrific job,” he said, adding the main victim’s injuries were predominantly to his chest and arms.

The three men managed to chase off two of the dogs and knock the third out, but not before one rescuer had been bitten on the hand and abdomen. At least one of the dogs had to be tasered by police.

Brad Moore, who was in the backyard of his home when the attack took place in his driveway, said he could see the bite marks clearly.

“There was blood in the driveway,” he said.

“We thought it was the neighbours having a fight until we came out the front and saw him sitting on the front step.”

Police secured the dogs until trained council rangers came and collected them.

Detectives spoke to the owners, who lived two blocks from the scene of the attack, for more than an hour. “The owners could well be charged and the animals put down,” a police spokesman said.


Woman Calls for Pit Bull Ban – PRO BSL

Police have filed charges of keeping vicious animals and allowing them to run at large against the owner of two pit bulls that mauled a disabled woman and killed her pet Chihuahua on a Santa Fe street last week.

Police Capt. Aric Wheeler said Monday police filed the misdemeanor charges in Magistrate Court against Gerard Mathews, 23, who police say had been cited previously for letting dogs run free.

In the next couple of days, Wheeler said, Mathews will likely receive a criminal summons ordering him to appear in court to answer for misdemeanor charges of keeping vicious animals and letting animals run at large.

The charges against Mathews offered little comfort for Anne Stills, 62, who was bitten on her thigh, elbow and hand during the pit bull mauling but couldn’t save her long-haired Chihuahua named Lillie.

Stills said Monday that she still misses Lillie, her companion for more than eight years.

“I’m having nightmares,” she said. “I can’t sleep. My wounds will heal. My heart will never heal. You cannot bring back a loved one like that. She was more than family to me.”

Animal control officers also are seeking a judge’s order to keep the two female pit bulls, Roxxy and Nyla, in the Santa Fe Animal Shelter and Humane Society until Mathews appears in court.

The dogs have been under a 10-day quarantine since the attack on the 600 block of West Alameda on Nov. 12. They could be euthanized by a judge’s order.

Stills said she wants a second person charged in the attack – a woman who, according to Stills, tried to hold back the pit bulls during the mauling and said they belonged to a relative.

Stills said a 3-foot-high wall on the property where the pit bulls came from wasn’t enough to hold the dogs back, which she said makes the woman responsible, too.

Stills said she has poor vision and did not notice a “beware of dogs” sign at the house until she stopped to leave a memorial to her dead pet.

When Lillie was killed, Stills was walking the Chihuahua on a leash not far from her apartment in public housing.

Stills said she also wants pit bulls out of the City Different.

“I’m not going to let this go,” Stills said. “There will not be pit bulls allowed in the city limits. I am going to make certain of that.”

She said she’s willing to search for reports of pit bull attacks across the country. “There is something wrong in the heads of these dogs; I don’t know if it’s in their DNA,” Stills said. “They can be the most loving things and just snap for no reason. They need to be eradicated.”

Many dog lovers, however, support the breed and blame attacks on owners or poor training. In October, the Santa Fe Animal Shelter held a special pit bull adoption event in connection with National Pit Bull Awareness Day “in an effort to raise awareness about the dog(s) and their responsible owners,” the shelter said in an announcement.

“Pit bulls often get a bad rap,” the announcement said. “That’s one of the reasons people who own the so-called bully breed and those who try to find homes for them work hard to dispel the myths.”

Last year, a pit bull was euthanized after Santa Fe police said it killed its 74-year-old owner.

Pit bull Mauling victim has surgeries – Most dangerous dog breed

he North Carolina man mauled by pit bulls Wednesday in Henry County remained hospitalized Thursday, authorities said.

Perry Gann, 52, of Stoneville, was scheduled for surgery at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center Thursday morning to repair “extensive damage” he sustained after being mauled by two pit bull dogs, according to Henry County Sheriff’s Lt. Eric Winn.
Gann’s condition was not available Thursday afternoon, Winn said.
According to police, a passing motorist called 911 Wednesday to report seeing Gann bleeding on the shoulder of U.S. 220 south.
After sheriff’s deputies and members of the Ridgeway Rescue Squad arrived at the scene, Gann said he had been attacked by the pit bulls on Cabin Hill Drive, Winn said.
Although Gann lives in North Carolina, he sometimes visits Henry County, Winn said. Investigators were told by a family member that Gann was in the Ridgeway area Wednesday because he was concerned about a friend.
Gann “hadn’t heard from the friend, and basically was doing a well-being check on the friend” when Gann’s vehicle ran out of gas, Winn said.
Gann’s vehicle was sitting on the side of the road, Winn said, and estimated the vehicle was about a half-mile to three-fourths of a mile from Gann when he was found.
Authorities do not know why he was on Cabin Hill Drive.
“We’re not sure if the friend lived there in that area, or if Mr. Gann was going to get fuel,” Winn said. But in the early morning hours, Gann would have had to go to Sheetz, a local convenience store, to buy gas because nothing else was open.
Gann was headed in the direction of the store, “but he still had probably four miles” to go, the lieutenant said.
Authorities also do not know what provoked the dogs to attack Gann.
“At this point, we’re working on that, too. We’re not sure what it was that brought this on,” Winn said.
The dogs are quarantined in the county’s animal shelter, authorities have said. It also is not known whether the dogs are current on their rabies or other vaccines.
“We are still working to determine who the dogs belonged to,” Winn said. “We know they belonged there within that trailer park. I think they were the only two dogs that were seen that night.”
Cabin Hill Drive is a small, gravel drive just off of U.S. 220 that “goes out to about four trailers,” Winn said.
Gann sustained injuries to several areas of his body, with extensive injuries to his extremities, according to police.
He initially was taken to Memorial Hospital in Martinsville and then flown to Wake Forest where he was in critical but stable condition on Wednesday afternoon, authorities have said.
Anyone with any information about the incident is asked to call investigator J.A. Stanley at 656-4238 or the sheriff’s office at 638-8751.

Pit bulls in new zealand – 18% of the attacks , less then 2% of the dog population

Pit bulls in new zealand need to be banned
Support BSL
Pit bulls in new zealand – 18% of the attacks , less then 2% of the dog population
pit bulls new zealand

Man severely injured in Ukiah attack involving pit bull

Ukiah Daily Journal –
A man was hospitalized Thursday after being attacked by two people and a pit bull near Walmart, the Ukiah Police Department reported.
According to the UPD, officers responded to the intersection of Talmage Road and Highway 101 around 7:40 p.m. Thursday after it was reported that a woman was walking on the overpass and yelling for help, stating that her boyfriend was being assaulted
When officers arrived, they reportedly found a Colorado Springs woman in a field just south of the Talmage Road and Hwy 101 intersection who was kneeling over a man.
The man, whose city of residence in unknown, was unconscious and appeared to have been violently assaulted. His head and hair were completely covered in blood, he had large wounds to his face and deep dog bites and cuts on his arm.
Officers determined the man had been repeatedly hit and kicked in the face and attacked on the arm by a pit bull.
He was transported to the Ukiah Valley Medical Center and was expected to undergo surgery to “repair significant damage to his face and arm.”
Officers located two suspects near the scene identified as William Leonard, 38, of New Orleans and Cynthia Rattey, 30, of Montana. Based on evidence located at the scene and witness statements, the officers arrested both suspects on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, assault inflicting serious bodily injury and criminal conspiracy. Both were booked them into Mendocino County Jail.
The pit bull suspected
in the attack was also located and transported to the Animal Shelter on Plant Road.
Anyone with information about the attack is asked to call the UPD at 463-6262.

Woman whose pit bull attacked neighbor girl to face felony charge

HULA VISTA (CNS) – A woman arrested after her pit bull attacked a four-year-old neighbor girl outside a National City apartment building pleaded not guilty Thursday to a felony charge of a having a dangerous dog that she allowed to cause great bodily injury.

Brittany Morgan Gardiner, 22, was ordered held in lieu of $25,000.

A bail review was scheduled for Monday. Judge Katherine Bacal said she would consider a supervised release for the defendant, considering that she had no criminal record.

Deputy District Attorney Mary Loeb said the defendant allowed the 4-year-old to pet the roughly 65-pound dog when it suddenly lunged at the child and took a chunk of flesh out of her shoulder, then grabbed her by the face.

“The defendant did try to get her dog off the victim but she was unable to; the dog was too strong,” Loeb said outside court.

It took several neighbors to get the dog off the child, according to the prosecutor.

As the child lay bleeding, Gardiner tried to flee with the dog to Tijuana, but was apprehended, Loeb said.

Medics took the girl to Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego, where she was admitted in serious condition with injuries to her face and upper body, Lt. Keith Fifield said.

A certified legal intern for the Public Defender’s Office told the judge that Gardiner has owned the dog for more than two years and it had never shown any aggression before Wednesday’s attack.

Gardiner faces up to three years in prison if convicted.

“As we have it charged, we believe that she knew about the dangerous propensity of the animal,” Loeb said. “So she probably should not have allowed it around children. There are a number of things, I think, that could have been done because after the dog attacked the child she (Gardiner) was unable to control it. So she wasn’t in control of that very strong and powerful animal.”

The pit bull was impounded and will undergo a rabies quarantine, after which it will likely be euthanized, according to police.

A readiness conference was scheduled Oct. 19, to be followed by a preliminary hearing on Oct. 24.

Pit bulls destroy zoo / childrens farm – killing farm animals and making children cry

Pit bull pair kills goats, sheep after late night dig into Little Rock Zoo

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — The Little Rock Zoo says two dogs burrowed under a fence and killed five animals in the children’s farm area overnight.

The zoo says the pit bull and pit bull-terrier mix apparently dug under a fence that surrounds the perimeter of the zoo and killed four goats and one sheep. The zoo says the dogs ran away and went back under the fence when approached by zoo staff members Thursday morning.

The zoo says several other animals were injured and are in the care of the zoo’s veterinarian.

Officials say the zoo regularly inspects the perimeter fence for holes and re-inspected the fence Thursday morning to ensure no animals could get in.

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