Ban the deed not the breed – What the hell does it even mean ?

How does one ban a deed.

You cannot ban a deed , you can only do 2 things

stop the deed from happening AKA Breed Specific LAWS
Punish the Deed – Which means kill the dog allowing the pit bull advocate to buy get another one while a child has to suffer the rest of his life with half a face.

No pit bull advocate calls for tougher laws or mandatory insurance for all dangerous dog owners , because in their eyes their land sharks are not dangerous.

Whoever made up the BAN THE DEED catch cry of a pit bull advocate and the fact it has been adopted as their motto just prove how much idiots these people are.


Pit bull advocate who set pitbull on sister jailed for seven years

A woman who set her pitbull dog on her sister has been jailed for seven years.

Phillipa Bayley, 55, was sentenced in Tauranga District Court today on a charge of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm after using her dog to inflict horrific injuries on her sister during a dispute in May last year.

Bayley’s sister Liz Smith was in the public gallery at the beginning of sentencing today but left in tears as details were read out.

The jury in Bailey’s trial was unable to determine whether the dog was used in self-defence but the judge determined that it was not.

A decision on the dog’s future is expected later today and it remains in the care of Tauranga pound.

Pit bulls – worlds most violent and dangerous dog,37.0.html
Pit bulls are the worlds most violent and dangerous dog , out numbering every single breed in terms of kill rates.
Pit bulls do not make good family pets , they are only good for one purpose which has now become illegal.,37.0.html

Pit bull owner arraigned following attack on girl

CHULA VISTA, Calif. – A woman faced a judge in a Chula Vista courtroom Thursday two days after her pit bull allegedly mauled a 4-year-old girl.

Brittany Morgan Gardiner, 22, was arraigned on one count of having a dangerous dog that caused great bodily injury. It’s a felony charge with a maximum sentence of three years.

Investigators said Hailey Nunez suffered serious injuries to her face and upper body after the dog she was trying to pet attacked her. The child was taken from the Laurel Avenue apartment complex in National City to Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego where she underwent surgery, her mother said.

“We are so sorry for what happened to poor Haley,” said Sarah Gardiner, defendant’s cousin. “She knew the dog and she pet the dog more than once and it’s a shock to all of us.”

“We understand the emotional scarring this child is going to have to endure for the rest of her life,” said Maria Gardiner, defendant’s mother. “But my daughter as well is going to have to endure. She has to face the family and the child for something that her dog did, that she’s going to be punished for.”

Deputy District Attorney Mary Loeb Gardiner might be a flight risk and asked for her bail to remain at $25,000.

“After this attack happened,” said Loeb. “This four year old girl is sitting there with her face torn up, bleeding everywhere and the defendant grabbed her dog, went to her apartment gathered her belongings and went to her car. When the cops got there she was trying to drive away. They stopped her from doing so, but when they did, she admitted that she was headed to Tijuana.”

The judge said she will consider a supervised release during a bail review next Monday.

“She’s a 22-year-old kid who is trying to get her life in order and has never been in trouble with the law,” said Maria Gardiner. “She completely panicked under pressure. Anybody who knows her or has been in contact with my daughter, knows that she has a big heart.”

Gardiner’s family members said they have talked to the victim’s family and sent their “deepest concerns.”

Pit bulls bred to be violent – Its not the owners fault its the breed

BAN THE BREED – STOP THE DEED- PIT BULL HOLOCAUST FORUMS – Join the largest anti pit bull and anti pit bull owner forum in the world

Over the years humans have bred animals for different characteristics: faster horses, leaner pigs, different looks in pets…and aggression. It may be contrary to popular belief that genes play a role in behaviour, nature not just nurture. But we must not let sentiment triumph over science.

To determine if pit bulls (bred for dog fighting, a sport more popular than ever and not just with rappers) are more dangerous than other breeds you would need to know the population by breed. This can be had from the United Kennel Club and American Kennel Club. Then one would need to know the frequency of bites by breed. No one keeps such statistics and many would be unreported. But deaths by dog attacks are kept and kept by breed. As Stanley Coren points out in a 20 year study (1979 to 1998) by the U.S. National Centre for Injury Prevention and Control, of the 238 dog-bite-related deaths, pit bulls accounted for 98. That makes them 80 to 100 times over what their population percentages would expect.

BAN THE BREED – STOP THE DEED- PIT BULL HOLOCAUST FORUMS – Join the largest anti pit bull and anti pit bull owner forum in the world

Pit bulls involved in deadly attack – Ban the breed , stop the deed

At least five of the dogs that attacked a Robeson County woman Tuesday are pit bulls.

Mary Jo Hunt, 54, was killed. Her death has been ruled accidental.

Hunt was trying to save a small dog that was being attacked by the larger ones when she died, Robeson County Sheriff Kenneith Sealey said.

He says Hunt and her sister rescued the dogs. They were seized and taken to the Robeson County Animal Shelter.

According to shelter manager, Bryon Lashley, five of the ten dogs seized are pit bulls. He says he isn’t sure of the breed of the other dogs.

Lashley says the pug that Hunt was trying to help has died from its injuries. He says a female pit bull was also injured and is being treated by a veterinarian.

The attack happened at Hunt’s home on Sharon Lane.

Deputies managed to get the dogs off Hunt, but found she was already dead, according to Sheriff Sealey.

Deputies say once their investigation is complete, they will turn the findings over to the Robeson County District Attorney who will decide what if any charges will be filed.

Sealey says she was mangled and her clothes were torn off.

Deputies say once their investigation is complete, they will turn the findings over to the Robeson County District Attorney who will decide what if any charges will be filed.