Pit Bull Advocate Emerald White whose pitbull killed neighbour’s beagle launches $1 million law suit

Emerald White wants compensation for injuries she suffered while trying to restrain her animals

The four pit bulls, meanwhile, have been declared “dangerous dogs” by the local authority

The four pit bulls have been declared “dangerous dogs” by the local authority Photo: Alamy

The brutal death of Bailey, a much loved beagle, was bad enough for Steve Baker but he did not bargain for a million dollar writ from the owner of the four pitbulls who killed his pet.

However, Emerald White wants compensation for the injuries she suffered when she went to retrieve her dogs.

Bailey was “shaken like a rag doll” during last month’s attack in Texas City, Texas when the pit bulls burst through a hole in the fence separating the two properties.

According to court documents Ms White was “seriously injured” when she was “unexpectedly and viciously” attacked when she tried to retrieve her animals.

As a result, she now suffers from “fear anxiety and trepidation”.

Bailey was a 10-year-old beagle and loyal canine companion to the Mr Baker and his family including two young daughters.

His only transgression appears to have been to have aroused the ire of Ms White’s pit bulls.

But, at least the law suit, Bailey should have been confined in a secure enclosure – rather than being allowed to wander around his own back yard.

Mr Baker told the Galveston Daily News that he was stunned by the writ.

“I couldn’t believe it,” he said. “Everyone was telling me to sue her, but I decided not to because it won’t bring Bailey back.”

The four pit bulls, meanwhile, have been declared “dangerous dogs” by the local authority, which means they have to be confined to a secure enclosure with a six feet high fence.

Ms White could not be reached for comment.


Common pit bull argument Shriek Racisim – Pit bulls are Blacks and BSL is the KKK

This saddens me. I volunteered at a shelter just outside Denver. Being just outside Denver, a lot of pits were dumped there just to save their lives. Some of the sweetest dogs I have ever met were pits. If you changed the word “pit” to “blacks” in this discussion it would probably sound like a KKK meeting between a bunch of southern rednecks in the 60’s. It’s too bad we can’t judge each dog individually, based on the content of its character.

What an incredibly stupid comment. Dog breeds have nothing in common with human race. Dog breeds are types of dogs created, through centuries of careful and selective breeding, to have very specific inherent traits and characteristics to perform certain jobs and tasks. The traits that were beneficial to the job were accentuated and improved on while the traits not suitable to the tasks were bred out. This is why hunters use hunting dogs – and even in that grouping, there are subsets of task specific breeds. A duck hunter in Novia Scotia isn’t going to use an Irish Setter and a bird hunter in North Carolina isn’t going to use an Afghan Hound. Neither hunter is going to use a Bovier des Flanders. A stock rancher isn’t going to use a German Shorthair to round up the cattle; he will use a dog breed created for the purpose – perhaps a Border Collie or Australian Cattle Dog. If a rancher needs a dog(s) for guarding his stock at night, he isn’t going to use either of those breeds, but instead a breed created for that job, such as a Great Pyrenees or Anatolian Shepherd. Have you ever considered why police military forces aren’t using Sheepdogs or Borzois as their K9 units? Do you understand why they use the breeds specifically suited to their purpose?

To compare dog breeds to human race is either the ultimate in stupidity, or just a desperate attempt to evoke emotions from those who lack critical thinking skills and the most basic of dog knowledge.

PRO BSL stay winning – Pit bull ban stands in Camdenton, pet owner must relocate bulldogs

  • In an attempt to keep her dogs, a Camdenton resident spoke to the Board of Aldermen on Tuesday night, but wasn’t granted the right to keep her American bulldogs in the city. But the door is still open to revise a longstanding ordinance banning certain breeds of dogs within the city.

    Weeks after purchasing her home inside the city limits, Misty Brown was told that she had to remove her two registered American Bulldogs from inside the city because she was in violation of the city’s pitbull ordinance. She received a ticket on Thursday, Nov. 13.

    Camdenton has an ordinance banning pitbulls inside in the city limits that dates back to the late 1980s.

    Even though Brown provided paperwork stating that the two dogs, Karma and Chaos, were registered American Bulldogs, not pitbulls, city officials say they display ‘characteristics of pitbulls’ so therefore she is in violation. In 2011, the city made an addendum to the ordinance that includes banning dogs that have similar physical characteristics to pitbulls. If a dog matches five of the eight physical characteristics, it can’t be within city limits.

    “Our dogs show characteristics but are not pitbulls,” Brown told the board. “We would not have bought our home. They would never hurt anyone. They have never been aggressive.”

    Brown asked the board to let her keep her dogs and to revisit the ordinance. Brown’s attorney, Mark Webb, was at her side at Tuesday night’s meeting.

    Webb told the board that the ticket issued to Brown is standing for her to sue the city for an ‘arbitrary’ law.

    “A mean dog comes from a mean owner,” Webb said in attempt to prove that the breed of the animal does not dictate the animal’s personality.

    After almost an hour of discussion and back and forth with aldermen, the board did not give Brown permission to keep her pets inside the city. When asked if the city should rethink the current ordinance, city attorney Phil Morgan told the board no.

    “She was issued a ticket. Now it is time for the court to decide,” Morgan said.

    Police Chief Laura Wright provided the board with a packet that they are supposed to look over and be prepared to discuss at the next board meeting.

    “They did not give me a chance,” Brown said of the board.

    Now, Brown and her attorney must wait. They plan on seeing what the board discusses at its next meeting on Dec. 2.

    Brown is due in court for her ticket in December. Brown must now pay for housing and shelter for her two dogs.

Read more: http://www.lakenewsonline.com/article/20141119/News/141118967#ixzz3JZ2alhbU

Pitbull owner fined $500


Pitbull owner fined $500


ST JOHN’S, Antigua – Dave Hector was yesterday fined $500, the maximum sum the law allows, after his pitbull attacked a four-year-old boy and bit him about the head and neck, last week.

He had to pay the money forthwith.

However, since he pleaded not guilty and was not prosecuted for allowing the dog to run wild and injure Daniel James, the court did not order him to pay compensation to the family.

The child’s father, Allister James, said he will pursue the matter in the civil court in order to get compensation for the injuries his son sustained and for medical expenses.

The child was attacked at his home on November 10 around mid-morning. The dog bit him on the lower left cheek, several places on the crown of the head and at the back of his neck.

(More in today’s Daily OBSERVER)

Pit Bull Attack Video: Dogs Maul One Woman, Kill Another In Separate Incidents (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Separate pit bull attacks in South Carolina killed one woman and left another unconscious within hours of each other, according to reports. The incident in which the victim survived was captured in gruesome footage by police arriving on the scene.

A video released by local CBS affiliate WSPA shows three pit bulls mauling Dreamer Denise Rice, 44, early Wednesday in Spartanburg, S.C.


Rice sustained bites to her face, arms and stomach and was bleeding profusely when police arrived, authorities told WSPA. As of Thursday morning, she was in serious condition at an area hospital, the Spartanburg Herald Journal wrote in an update.

Police pulled two of the dogs off Rice and shot the third when it turned on an officer, the Journal reported. The other two dogs were quarantined at the Spartanburg Humane Society.

The dogs’ owner, Ray Willis Williams, received citations for not having proof of rabies vaccinations but could face more charges, according to the reports.

Sixty miles away in Hodges, S.C., 65-year-old Betty Ann Chapman Todd, died after being bitten Tuesday night by what authorities believe was a pit bull, WSPA writes in a separate story. The sheriff’s report said the animal was found at the scene with blood on its body. It became aggressive, and the homeowners arrived to help lock the dog in a back room, the website noted.

Chapman was babysitting the homeowners’ 17-month-old child.

According to DogBites.org, pit bulls have killed 128 Americans between 2005 and 2011.

WARNING: This video contains graphic content that might not be suitable for all viewers.


The Truth about BSL – breed specific Laws

BSL is effective and inexpensive. It has been proven to increase public safety.

BSL is non time-consuming and easy to enforce. Animal control officers spend time and resources seizing violent dogs, protecting the community from truly dangerous animals.

BSL creates an atmosphere of protection. Families who can’t move to other towns end up having to take stricter measures and insurance to protect the community , this leads to more safety in public and to people in their homes and out in public .

Animal activist groups that support BSL – Breed Specific Laws

The Humane Society Of The United States – a letter which surfaced showing they in fact supported breed-specific mandatory spay neuter in Louisville, KY.
Well done humane socitey you care for animals and know the truth about BSL

PETA has not been shy about supporting breed specific legislation – Read about PETA Founder Ingrid Newkirk’s article in the San Francisco Chronicle: Pitbulls Are A Deadly Weapon
Peta is one of the best animal groups in the world and their support just proves BSL is a good thing

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is an active support of german BSL laws , the strongest bsl laws on the planet .
Nearly 30 years ago, when Best Friends helped launch and pioneer the no-kill movement, over 17 million homeless pets were dying in our nation’s shelters. Today, that number is down to around 4 million unnecessary deaths annually – that is tremendous progress, but Best Friends is committed to reducing that number to zero. It’s a mission that we call No More Homeless Pets. By partnering with local governments, grassroots organizations and passionate individuals, we are making big strides toward ending the unnecessary killing of shelter pets in the United States.

BSL – breed specific laws are actively supported by prominent legal and animal expert groups only the clinically insane would debate otherwise.