Charges laid in two high-profile pit bull attacks \\\

Charges have been laid in two recent high-profile dog attacks involving pit bulls.

Friday, city bylaw officials announced charges in connection with a fatal mauling that occurred on Dec. 31 that left one dog dead and another injured.

Charges were also laid in a Jan. 2 incident where two pit bulls escaped a yard and attacked a women who suffered serious bites.

Bylaw co-ordinator Doug Anderson said serious attacks like these are rare and in both cases the pit bulls involved were seized for assessment.

“It’s rare to have two serious cases this close together and also to have them involve the same breed of dog,” Anderson said.

The owner of three pit bulls that tore apart a Pomeranian and injured a Great Pyrenees on New Year’s Eve faces a total of six charges including one count of causing death to an animal.

The other owner will also face charges in connection with incident including two charges of a dog at large.

Bylaw officials have also laid charges in a separate incident that saw a woman hospitalized with serious bite wounds after two dogs escaped a yard in Whitehorn.

Both dogs were seized and remain in the custody of bylaw services.

The owners of the dogs have been charged with one count of a dog attack on a person and one count of a dog biting a person.

In both cases, the owners face mandatory court appearances and fines to be determined by a provincial judge.

“In these odd cases that pop up, we’re certainly going to try and make it so they don’t happen again,” said Anderson.

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Pit bulls – the most dangerous dog in canada – Calgary Pitbull Attacks Total Three In One Week

ALGARY – Two people have been hurt and a dog seriously injured in the third canine encounter involving pitbulls this week in Calgary.

Paramedics say an adult man and a woman were treated at the scene of a dog attack in the backyard of a home in the city’s northeast Thursday.

EMS spokesman Adam Loria says the two refused to be taken to hospital.

The dogs were not seized by animal services.

Charges have already been laid against a pitbull owner whose dogs mauled a pet Pomeranian to death on Monday.

And on Wednesday, two pit bulls were seized after they got loose and allegedly bit a woman.

Emergency crews were alerted to the latest problem after a neighbour heard a woman screaming.

“I was in my bedroom and I could hear screaming. It sounded like someone was being attacked,” the witness told Global Calgary.

“(My boyfriend and I) grabbed some golf clubs and a baseball bat and we ran over and just gave them to them over the fence, but we couldn’t really see what was happening.”

The owners told CTV Calgary that they had to work quickly to save the dog’s life.

“We managed to get the one dog into the other side of the yard, and then had to try to get the other dog off our dog,” one of the owners said.

Doug Anderson of Calgary Bylaw Services said the number of dog attacks so close together is “abnormal for us.”

Owners are legally responsible for controlling their dogs.

(Global Calgary, CTV Calgary)

Miss Universe Canada Joins Call for Provincial Pit Bull Law in British Columbia

Miss Universe Canada Joins Call for Provincial Pit Bull Law in British Columbia.


British Columbia, CA – On August 23, 4-year old Emma Cranford of White Rock was suddenly attacked by a pet pit bull while attending a family gathering. “Bite is not even the word,” her mother Elizabeth Cranford told Peace Arch News. “She latched onto her neck and took a chunk. The bottom part of her right ear, right up to the chin was demolished.” At the time of the attack, Emma was visiting her uncle’s home for a barbeque. The pit bull belonged to her uncle’s girlfriend.

A day earlier, Emma had sat next to the pit bull reading.1

Elizabeth said the unprovoked attack on her daughter “totally” changed her opinion of pit bulls. Rejecting the antiquated notion of “blaming the owner” when a dog is aggressive and believing that the pit bull breed itself is the problem. Both of Emma’s parents are now calling on the B.C. government to ban pit bulls, just as Ontario and Winnipeg have. This determination by Emma’s parents, “I want to fight this to the end,” sparked a flurry of media and public attention.2

Just after the news coverage of Emma’s attack, as well as a separate pit bull attack on 4-year old Hayden Bush in Kelowna, Miss Universe of Canada joined the debate supporting a pit bull law in B.C. Sahar Biniaz was crowned Miss Universe of Canada in May and plans to make her support of a pit bull law a major part of her reign. Sahar Biniaz herself is a pit bull attack victim. She was attacked by a pit bull at the age of 14; a year after her family adopted the animal.

On Friday, Peace Arch News reported a rare story, Dog Attack Victims Share a Universal Bond,3 which covered the beautiful meeting of Emma and Miss Universe of Canada at Emma’s home. “I can understand what she went through and she’s very brave,” Sahar Biniaz said. She contacted Emma’s family after learning about her attack and continues to pledge to raise awareness about pit bulls and dangerous dogs. “This is why my title is so valuable,” Biniaz said.4

Miss Universe Canada Joins Call for Provincial Pit Bull Law in British Columbia.