Toddlers family pit bull kills him – family defend pit bull

he boy was attacked in his home by the family’s pitbull-cross on Sunday afternoon (6 January) and died from his injuries two days later, on Tuesday morning.
The nine-year-old dog belonged to the toddler’s uncle, who lived in the house with the boy’s parents and grandparents.
Speaking to Lusa News Agency the young victim’s granddad, Jacinto Pinto, said the dog had been “in the dark” in the kitchen when the toddler went into that room and “fell on top of it.”
Surprised by the animal’s reaction, Mr. Pinto says the attack “has no explanation” because it was a “gentle” dog that “had always lived with children” and in its nine years had “never” attacked or hurt anyone.

In Portugal a pitbull-cross is considered a ‘potentially dangerous’ breed.
The dog was collected by Beja’s municipal vet on Monday after PSP police requested its removal from the family home.
The animal is being kept at the Inter-municipal Kennel of the Association of Alentejo Municipalities for Environmental Management (AMALGA).
“The boy fell on top of it and it attacked. How or why after nine years of living with the family? It is in the nature of all dogs, especially those that are crossed with potentially dangerous breeds like the pitbull”, explained Beja municipal vet Linda Rosa, adding that when the dog was collected it was “very tranquil and showed no aggressiveness.”
Mr. Pinto said he was glad the dog is going to be destroyed and that “a year or so ago” he had gone to AMALGA to ask for it to be put to sleep as he “didn’t have the conditions to keep the dog at home.”
Linda Rosa said there was no other solution besides the dog’s destruction as “it is a dangerous dog, it has attacked, the boy was in a bad way in hospital and therefore it will have to be put down.”
As required by law the dog will be held in a specific observation pen for eight days after which “it will be put down”, the vet explained, reiterating: “it is a dangerous dog” because it “attacked a child” and therefore “the outcome is euthanasia.”
As a result of Sunday’s attack the boy was seriously injured and taken by his own mother to Beja Hospital at around 7pm.
Later that night, at approximately 8.30pm, the boy was transferred by helicopter to Lisbon’s Santa Maria Hospital due to a “serious head injury” from which he died two days later.


Why pit bulls are a problem and more needs to be done – BSL , BANS , Larger Fines , Mandatory Muzzles in public and Mandatory Insurance

Over a recent 3-year period from January 2006 to March 30, 2009, a total of 98 dog bite fatalities involving 179 dogs occurred; 60% of the deaths were caused by pit bulls, and 76% were caused by pit bulls and Rottweilers. A total of 113 pit bulls were involved in these deaths, and they accounted for 63% of the dogs involved in fatal attacks. If the risk of fatal attack is normalized to Labrador Retrievers and Labrador-mix breeds (the most common registered dog in the United States), the relative risk of death related to pit bull attacks is more than 2500 times higher.

In one 85-day period from July to September 2008, pit bulls were involved in 127 dog attacks, 57% of which occurred off the owner’s property. In these attacks, 158 people were injured, 63% of them severely; 10% of the victims suffered severed body parts; and 6 vic
tims were killed. 12 In the same period, 128 dangerous pit bulls had to be shot to death by police officers or citizens. A closer look at these figures indicates that 1 person is killed by a pit bull every 14 days, a person loses a body part to a pit bull attack every 5.4 days, 2 persons are injured by pit bulls each day, and 1.5 pit bulls are shot to death each day. –> Mortality, Mauling, and Maiming by Vicious Dogs 2011

Temperament is not the issue, nor is it even relevant. What is relevant is actuarial risk. If almost any other dog has a bad moment, someone may get bitten, but will not be maimed for life or killed, and the actuarial risk is accordingly reasonable. If a pit bull terrier or a Rottweiler has a bad moment, often someone is maimed or killed–and that has now created off-the-chart actuarial risk, for which the dogs as well as their victims are paying the price.

The humane community does not try to encourage the adoption of pumas in the same manner that we encourage the adoption of felis catus, because even though a puma can also be box-trained and otherwise exhibits much the same indoor behavior, it is clearly understood that accidents with a puma are frequently fatal. For the same reason, it is sheer foolishness to encourage people to regard pit bull terriers and Rottweilers as just dogs like any other, no matter how much they may behave like other dogs under ordinary circumstances.

Pit bulls and Rottweilers are accordingly dogs who not only must be handled with special precautions, but also must be regulated with special requirements appropriate to the risk they may pose to the public and other animals, if they are to be kept at all. –> Dog attack deaths and maimings, U.S. & Canada September 1982 to December 22, 2009

Deputy Kills Pit Bull After Animal Control Officer Attacked In La Mirada

LA MIRADA ( — Officials on Tuesday urged the public to remain vigilant in reporting stray animals after a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy shot and killed a pit bull that attacked an animal control officer.

The incident occurred on Saturday, Nov. 17, when Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control (DACC) responded to a dog attack on the 13500 block of Ramsey Avenue in the City of La Mirada.

DACC’s animal control officer Mireya Martinez responded to the call, and in the process of containing the dog, she was attacked.

An on-scene Sheriff’s deputy responded immediately by shooting the dog and saving Martinez’s life.

Officials noticed the “fawn-colored” male pit bull had just killed a Chihuahua and left its body in the street.

Animal control officials warned that any stray dogs roaming at large in neighborhoods can pose a threat.

Anyone wishing to report a stray or loose dog is asked to call DACC’s 24/7 Communications Center at (562) 940-6898 or by visiting the official DACC website.

Pit bull advocate unleashes pit bull to elude Trenton police

Tony Butler is a wanted man after he unleashed a pitbull on police to give himself time to escape.

At 8:45 p.m. Tactical Unit 2 detectives Jason Astbury, Wilfredo Delgado and Aaron Bernstein were patrolling near the 300 block of Hanover Street looking to confiscate weapons. Butler noticed the officers and put his hand near his waist as if he was going for a gun while walking onto the porch of a vacant home. Astbury ordered Butler to show his hands, but Butler ran inside the home. Astbury chased the suspect inside the home where he saw Butler holding the gun in one hand and the leash to a pit bull in the other. Butler dropped both and fled the scene. The dog chased Astbury out the front door before Astbury fired a single shot to the animal’s head.

“Unfortunately he had to put the dog down, but it was that or get bit,” Sgt. Tony Manzo said.

Police recovered a .32 revolver with five rounds loaded. Butler is wanted on charges two counts of possession of a weapon for the gun and dog, aggravated assault on a police officer and charges for fleeing police.

Later that night, at 11:30 p.m. Detectives Brian Susche and Fredrick Bender arrested Justin Hill, 25, of Trenton after he was found with a loaded 9mm Ruger with 15 rounds and 18 grams of crack cocaine following a traffic stop on Walnut and Chestnut Streets. He was charged with possession of a weapon, certain persons not to have a weapon, possession of a high-capacity magazine, possession of a weapon during a narcotics operation, possession of controlled substance with 500 feet of a park, possession of CDS near a school, possession of a CDS and possession with intent to distribute.

In light of Friday’s crime wave, Manzo said police tactical units will keep pursuing violent offenders and guns.

“Guns we take off the street can’t injure or kill people,” Manzo said. “We’ll keep fighting and we’ll keep

3 family Pit Bulls kill horse “They’ve never growled at the kids…” (but enjoy killing horses!)

Poor Misty the horse… that she had such an idiot for a guardian. His KILLER PIT BULLS attacked another one his horses last week and he thought it was “an isolated event”…
Ah duh… she got caught up in the fence and couldn’t defend herself, he said. PIT BULLS ARE KILLERS. No one is safe from 3 pit bulls INTENT ON KILLING YOU. That man killed his own horse by keeping 3 loaded weapons on his property. He’s lucky they didn’t kill one of his kids.

Pit Bull charges into home killing family dog, a little Chihuahua : (

16/Nov/2012: NASHVILLE, TN – Statistics say that Chihauhuas bite MORE than Pit Bulls. YEAH THAT MAKES THEM JUST AS DANGEROUS AS PITS RIGHT PIT NUTTERS (1 of your million defences)!! When a Pit Bull is out roaming the streets, it’s not just trying to find some food & shelter, it’s looking for something to KILL. Pit Bulls have been genetically modified into a breed that feels pleasure when it kills things. BAN THEM.