LET THE KILLER LOOSE – Vicious dog beats death sentence in SF

Charlie the pit bull will live, just not with his former owner.

San Francisco officials had sentenced the American Staffordshire terrier pit bull to be euthanized after an unprovoked attack on a U.S. Park Police horse the dog chased for almost 2 miles through the Presidio in August, biting it 10 times.

But after a battle in court and online by owner David Gizzarelli, San Francisco officials and Gizzarelli have agreed to a settlement. Gizzarelli will relinquish ownership in exchange for San Francisco Animal Care and Control not putting Charlie to death. Instead, the dog will be placed with “a qualified third-party rehabilitation center or sanctuary.”

As part of the deal, Gizzarelli agreed to have no direct or indirect contact with Charlie’s to-be-determined guardian. He will get quarterly updates on the dog. Gizzarelli also agreed to drop his lawsuit against the city.

City Attorney Dennis Herrera praised the settlement as “a fair and humane resolution that offers Charlie a chance at redemption while also protecting public safety.”

Gizzarelli pursued the case through three different state and federal courts and started an online petition that drew more than 113,000 signatories and raised an undisclosed amount of money. He could not be reached late Friday for comment.

“David made the really, really tough decision to concentrate on Charlie, not on his own rights,” said Gizzarelli’s attorney, John Mounier. “Even though David loses him, Charlie is going to live.”

That wasn’t going to be the case earlier, after Charlie, off-leash and without a collar at Crissy Field, attacked a horse named Stoney being ridden by Officer Eric Evans.

According to the findings from an Aug. 23 hearing, Charlie charged the horse, attempted to bite Evans on the leg, then bit the horse’s left front leg.

Evans was thrown from the horse and knocked unconscious, suffering a concussion and shoulder injury. Charlie then chased and attacked Stoney, leaving bite wounds and bleeding gashes on the horse’s legs, thighs and stomach.

A San Francisco Police Department review determined Charlie was a vicious and dangerous dog, and he was ordered euthanized.

John Coté is a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer. E-mail: jcote@sfchronicle.com

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How pit bull advocates want to save a pit bull that killed a little boy – Portugal Pit bull kills little boy biting off his head

5 days ago a pit bull killed a 18 month boy. by law is going to be put down, but incredibly there is a petition over the internet with 30000 signatures (i believe some are false) to avoid the authorities to put down the dog. i killed the child by biting part of his head off…. link with more information http://www.publico.pt/sociedade/noticia/mais-de-11-mil-pessoas-contra-abate-do-cao-que-matou-crianca-em-beja-15

The order of killing the dog that attacked a boy of 18 months on Sunday in Beja, and that he died in hospital on Tuesday, is generating a wave of protest on the Internet. More than 11 thousand people have signed a petition online against the death sentence of Zico.

The petition , addressed to the kennel and veterinary municipal Beja, aims to “fight against the slaughter dog Zico” and “all other Zicos across the country.” For subscribers of the document (22 641 people at 22.15 on Thursday), “a dog that never hurt for eight years and is attacked because it had some reason.”

The boy of 18 months was attacked on Sunday in the late afternoon by the family dog, a cross- pitbull breed considered potentially dangerous. He was transported to the Hospital Santa Maria in Lisbon, where he was admitted with a severe traumatic brain injury, his skull crushed and torn brain tissue, according to hospital sources. The boy succumbed to injuries and died at about 0h Tuesday .

An autopsy conducted on Wednesday, concluded that death was due to injuries caused by dog ​​bites, according PUBLIC source told the Institute of Forensic Medicine. The funeral was scheduled for this Thursday, in Setúbal, where is the natural mother of the child.

Explanations unconvincing
The animal belongs to a boy’s uncle, who lives in the same house with his parents and grandparents of the victim in an apartment in the housing estate known as “Texas” in Beja.

On Monday, the child’s grandfather, Jacinto January, told reporters that the dog was “in the dark” in the kitchen when the boy went to that division and he “fell upon” the attack which led to an animal.

But the explanation does not convince the petition signatories. “In these cases it is necessary to investigate what caused the reaction of the dog (was provoked, is not being treated well, etc..) And can choose up the rehabilitation / training dog!” Reads the document. “They also deserve a second chance.”

The autopsy concluded that the death was due to injuries caused by dog ​​bites, according PUBLIC source told the Institute of Forensic Medicine.

The association has also unleashed Animal judicial procedures to prevent the slaughter. “The child and the dog are both innocent in this story. Known When the child did not die from dog bites and, moreover, the circumstances in which it happened are unclear: the tutor tells the dog that the child tripped on the animal division in the dark, but it seems to me that the whole domestic situation shows that there was no negligence, “said the PUBLIC Rita Silva, president of the Animal. The idea that the child will not have died due to dog attack begins to take shape in social networks and the Internet, but it contradicts the information provided by the PUBLIC hospital and the Institute of Legal Medicine.

The decision to slaughter the animal came from municipal veterinary, Linda Rose, who after a request from the PSP to move to the site on Monday, ordered that the animal was sent to the kennel and, as determined by law, should be culled eight days later. When was collected, Zico was “very calm and did not show any aggression,” said Linda Rosa.

Rita Silva points out that when taken to the kennel the dog “was mistreated, skinny and cropped ears, which is illegal, and generally betrays a search of status or use of dog fights.” Thus, remembering that even if you will confirm the attack the animal “this can always be rehabilitated,” the activist argues that “there is a charge, this will be the guardian of the animal.”

January Jacinto admitted to reporters that he was “wishing” that the animal was slaughtered and that “a year ago and that” he had gone to the kennel to try to shoot down because “it was not able to take the dog home.” At PUBLIC, the verterinária confirmed that the family’s apartment “does not have the necessary conditions” for the animal, which “slept in the kitchen during the day and was on the porch.”

“If you do not slaughter people for making mistakes, for stealing, for killing … then do not do well with animals!” Complain subscribers. It also argues that a group of citizens who created a Facebook page against the slaughter, where the actor Ruy de Carvalho asks the Board of Beja that does not slaughter the animal. “There are no dangerous breeds. Owners yes There are dangerous, unconscious, do not worry, not to provide welfare and education of adopting animals or to protect those who are weaker, as was the case with this baby,” writes actor.

Rebelling against those who continue to bring home animals “who takes as a rug or a painting,” Ruy de Carvalho agrees that “to be guilty, that there will be the adults of this family.”

Dog is not licensed
family child did not complain after the assault but the PSP Beja decided to join the case to prosecutors, who will open an investigation.

The head of the public relations office of the PSP Beja, Sky subcomissária Maria Viola, PUBLIC told that until this Thursday the dog owner had not yet delivered any documents of the animal, as requested on Monday.

On that day, the child’s uncle said he had the documents but they were not with him at the time. Source of the Parish of Santiago Maior said the dog’s name – Zico – and the owner is not on the list of records. The animal was not licensed nor have the insurance required by law, but has an identifying chip.

According to information collected by Lusa, January Jacinto had been attacked at least twice by the dog, having received medical care.

Because, following the media coverage of the incident, “people burst into surrender animals they had at home to the kennels,” said Rita Smith, the Animal scheduled for February 2 a demonstration at the gates of the Directorate General of Food and Veterinary whose policy, continued the activist, “is always ordering the killing as a solution to everything.”

However, the Office of Child Support (IAC) announced on Thursday that the Government had asked, “with the utmost urgency, measures are taken so that situations do not happen again” and that led to the death of the child of Beja. In a statement signed by the president of the institute, Manuela Ramalho Eanes, the IAC expresses “deepest sympathy with the families who have suffered the tragedy of their children were killed by dangerous breeds.” news updated at 22.15 Number of petition signatories overcame the 22 thousand.

Do you advocates have no shame
a little boy is dead from a demon dog in another country and you scam a survey through your networks with fake signatures , lovely .

3 family Pit Bulls kill horse “They’ve never growled at the kids…” (but enjoy killing horses!)

Poor Misty the horse… that she had such an idiot for a guardian. His KILLER PIT BULLS attacked another one his horses last week and he thought it was “an isolated event”…
Ah duh… she got caught up in the fence and couldn’t defend herself, he said. PIT BULLS ARE KILLERS. No one is safe from 3 pit bulls INTENT ON KILLING YOU. That man killed his own horse by keeping 3 loaded weapons on his property. He’s lucky they didn’t kill one of his kids.