Pit bull advocate claims his pit bull does have a locking jaw – SHOCKING

As an owner of two awesome 70+ lb pitbulls, it is NOT a myth. They are the only dogs I’ve seen grab onto a rope toy and I can pick them up and swing them around and they DO NOT let go. Pitbulls are very strong dogs with very powerful jaws and big teeth. If they want to bite and hold something they will do it. Not saying this is exclusive to pitbulls or has anything to do with aggression I think it’s just a fun game of tug for them


The shocking secret history of pit bulls – locking jaw , aggression, anger , hatred

The shocking secret history of pit bulls – Pitbulls have been genetically bred to fight , to bite and not let go , have locking jaws – not real locking jaws but once they bite they dont let go . Bred mixing the locking jaw and fighting style of a bull dog and the will to fight of a terrier, only the best bull fighting dogs remained for 100 years . Only the strongest pit bulls remained from their life in fighting pits where fights would go for hours . Now advocates want you to believe these pit fighters make good pets

Blame the dog ,not the owner -How pit bull owners turn on other pit bull owners to protect the dog


Time and time again we hear Blame the owner NOT THE DOG!! , its all in how you raise them!! .

This is good in theory ignoring all the breed tendencies but as soon as something goes down – ie the pit bull bites someone , pro pit bull advocates will turn on each other and start the blame the owner game . People that have trained and owned dogs for years even decades are instantly labeled as “bad owners” when pitty bull the pit bull mauls your face one day , even if the pit bull never showed violent tendencies in the past.

Blame the dog , not the owner – pit bulls have genetics that make them fighting dogsĀ  , including a locking jaw and kill roll not seen in other dogs and even with the best owners the dogs will still turn and attack.