Pit Bull Mauls Indianapolis Animal Control Officer Michael Bonito, Cop Shoots Dog

Michael Bonito, an Indianapolis Animal Control officer, was severely injured in an attack by a white Pit Bull on Saturday, December 29, in the 2400 block of Asbury Street. The dog had earlier mauled a woman, who was hospitalized at Wishard Memorial Hospital. The officer was performing a follow-up investigation of that incident.

Two Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Officers responded to a call that an officer needed help shortly after 5 p.m. on Saturday eveniing, according to the IndyStar.com.

“That dog was tearing him up,” said witness James Belle, Jr., who had quickly called 911. “He’s over there with the dog biting him, chewing him up.”

Before they were able to locate the injured animal control officer, the police officers encountered the Pit Bull, with blood on him, behind a house in the 2400 block of Asbury Street. There were still blood stains in the fresh white snow Monday, according to Fox 59 News.

The violent Pit Bull charged the two police officers, and Officer Nicholas Hubbs fired his handgun and struck the dog in the neck. The dog retreated behind the house, the report states.
After Officers Hubbs and Jose Navarro helped injured Animal Control Officer Bonito limp to safety, Officer Hubbs headed back toward the house, carrying his IMPD-issued 12-gauge shotgun.

He again located the Pit Bull, who was still behind the house and on the other side of a chain-link fence. The dog growled and bared his teeth and then attempted to jump the fence. Officer Hubbs fired two shots, striking him in the neck and chest. Those shots “ultimately destroyed the dog,” the police report states.

Officer Bonito was transported to Wishard Memorial Hospital, where he was treated and later released. “I have tear wounds on this arm,” Bonito said in a Fox59 interview, “Some leg bites as well.

Officer Bonito had gone to the same hospital earlier in the day to interview the woman who was attacked by the white Pit Bull that morning. From there, he went to the Asbury Street address to try to locate the dog.

“He’d gone out to get photos…and somebody had the animal in question contained in their car,” Anima Control spokesman Adam Garrett said. When the dog was let out of the car, he attacked Officer Bonito.
Spokesman Garrett did not have further information about the earlier attack on the woman except to say that it was serious.

The woman believed to be the dog’s owner, Michelle Gonzalez, who lives at the location where the dog was found, was issued citations as a result, Garrett told the IndyStar.com.

Jerry Nutter, a neighbor, said he is “fed up” and that he had warned the dog’s owner, “I done told her about them dogs. Them dogs keep getting out.”

But Gonzalez told Fox59 the animal did  not belong to her. “It is a stray,” she said. “I never fed this dog. It’s never been, you know, in my house or anything.”

She told Fox 59 that she had posted on Craigslist to try to find the dog’s owner but did not call animal control, “…if it was somebody’s dog I just assumed they would call,” she explained.  She said she wound up with fines, which she will fight in court.

Officer Bonito, urged residents  to call authorities immediately when they notice a stray in their neighborhood, especially if the animal is aggressive. He told Fox 59 that people need to be aware of strays in their area and to “call animal control…so that they can come out and deal with the issue.”

“Officer Bonito is still recovering from the severe bite wounds,” Spokesman Garrett told OpposingViews.com in an interview on Thursday, January 3, 3013.


Calif. Animal Control Officer Killed, Suspect Barricades Self in Home for 18 Hours

A 14-year veteran Sacramento County animal control officer, identified as Roy Curtis Marcum, 45, of Elk Grove, was shot and killed while responding to a request to help a possibly abandoned animal in Galt on Wednesday, November 28, at about noon.  http://www.opposingviews.com/i/society/animal-rights/calif-animal-control-officer-killed-suspect-barricades-self-home-18-hours

Pit Bull Attacks L.A. Animal Control Officer Mireya Martinez, Sheriff’s Deputy Shoots Dog

A Sheriff’s Deputy was forced to shoot an attacking Pit Bull on Saturday morning, when it lunged for the throat of Los Angeles County Animal Control Officer Mireya Martinez. Officer Martinez was attempting to capture the dog after it killed a Chihuahua in the 13500 block of Ramsey Avenue in La Mirada,…


L. A. Animal Control Officer Omar Muñoz Named KNX Radio’s “Hero of the Week”

Los Angeles County Animal Control Officer Omar Muñoz was named “Hero of the Week” for November 22 to November 29 by KNX News Radio 1070. The station honored Officer Muñoz for his extraordinary concern for public safety in the performance of his duties, even after sustaining severe injuries from a dog attack.



Fox 59 News: Dog mauls woman, animal control officer


Aligators over Pit bulls Safer and more child freindly

Look at this child enjoying the company of the Aligator
Safer than a pit bull
Safer and more child friendly than a pit bill

The last fatal alligator attack was in November 13, 2007 , 13 total since the year 2000 … Pit bulls killed 18 this year alone. Nanny Gator is safer around kids , Nanny Gator – I cant resist that gator smile

Pit bulls maul toddler – what else is new Maricopa toddler attacked by dogs


A little boy is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries after being attacked by a pair of dogs.

Saturday afternoon, firefighters and police responded to reports of a pit bull attack at a Maricopa home.

Police say a babysitter was taking care of the victim and his older brother at the time of the incident. The dogs were locked in a bedroom.

When the babysitter opened the door to get something, the pit bulls rushed out and went for the toddler, who was sitting on the living room floor with his older brother.

The babysitter was able to stop the attack and the boy was rushed to the hospital with critical injuries.

The dogs were turned over to Pinal County Animal Control for quarantine.

The latest on the boy’s condition is unknown.

Maricopa Police are advising the public to increase awareness with kids and all breeds of dogs.

A Maricopa toddler was attacked by two canines Saturday about 12:40 p.m., according to the Maricopa Police Department.

The toddler sustained life-threatening injuries and was immediately transported to a Valley hospital.

Police are not releasing any names.

The toddler and his older brother were reportedly at a residence being cared for by a family friend.

The dogs — their breed was not given — were locked in a bedroom but escaped when the babysitter opened the door to retrieve something inside the room.

The dogs “immediately began to attack the toddler who sitting on the living room floor with his older brother,” a city press release said.

The babysitter stopped the attack “less than a minute later.”

The police department reminds families to watch their children around pets, particularly during the holiday season.

Cudley and Cute – Pit Bull Mauls 9-year-old Girl – Ban the violent pit bull breed – support BSL

Marshall County) A nine-year-old girl was mauled by a pit bull. It happened around 3:45 p.m. on Pin Oak Road just south of Byhalia. The little girl, Makala Parker, is at Le Bonheur recovering from her injuries.

“According to her he had her head and he was shaking her,” Makala’s grandfather, Jeff Hughes, said.

Hughes said his neighbors pit bull ferociously bit into his precious granddaughter
ripping her school uniform to shreds.

“He grabbed her in her shoulder and her legs. He put a four-inch gash behind her neck,” Hughes said.

Hughes said Makala had just come home from school when she went down the street to hang out with friends. When she opened their door the dog attacked.

“She has been around the dog a zillion times,” Hughes said. “I guess, being locked up in that bedroom all day long it got out and went nuts.”

Hughes said luckily a neighbor was walking their dog along the road, and their caught the attention of the pit bull.

“Smiley tried to get the pitt’s attention and it started chasing her,” Victoria Cox said.

The pit bull bit Smiley several times.

“She had to get staples and stuff,” Cox said. “It’s really bad under her butt.”

While the dog attacked Smiley, neighbors had time to get Makala help.

“I think she’s (Smiley) kind of a hero,” Cox said.

Makala was airlifted to the hospital. Her grandfather said she’ll have a long road to recovery.

“She’s going to be sore for a while and she’s going to need stitches behind her neck,” he said. “I’m sure they’ll cut her hair off. But she should be fine.”

The dog was taken by the Marshall County Animal Control. It is in quarantine. The owner of the dog has apologized to the family.