Waterford man charged with owning alligator, pit bulls and drugs heads to court Wednesday

Pretrial is set for Wednesday in a Waterford case involving an alligator and pit bulls found along with a marijuana-growing operation.

The case will come before Judge Jodi Debbrecht in 51st District Court.

Paul Coombs, 28, is charged with four counts of owning a pit bull, which is not legal in Waterford, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and owning prohibited rare animals.

The incident occurred Oct. 3 when Waterford Township police officers responded to a suspicious circumstances complaint to find a man had — among other things —  an alligator living in his basement.

At the home near West End and Boston roads just west of Telegraph and south of Elizabeth Lake Road, police found the front door had been left open but they couldn’t make contact with anyone inside.

After deciding to enter, the officers searched the house and found a 2.5-foot alligator in a wooden crate in the basement.

Along with the gator, they also found 24 marijuana plants and four pit bulls.

The homeowner’s roommate came back a short time later and called the homeowner, Coombs. When Coombs arrived, he admitted the alligator, marijuana and pit bulls were his, police said. Coombs was cited and released at the scene.

Authorities called Oakland County Animal Control, who removed the alligator and pit bulls from the house


Pit bull kissing booths…. SICK

Who the hell kisses a dog on the lips?
Who the hell kisses a violent dog on the lips?
Who the hell kisses a strangers dog on the lips?
Even worse who the hell sends their kids to kiss someone elses dogs on the lips , violent pit bull dogs no less
Get help pit bull advocates

Pit bull advocate and Sick in the head ?? Post your pit bulls genitals online

There is something seriously wrong in the world of pit bull advocacy , the current trend involves taking photos of their pit bulls genitals zoomed in and uploading them to the world to see , then the pit bull advocates act offended when people say its weird to post photos like this online.

Pit bull advocates get off on being weird like this.

Its probably why they got the pit bull in the first place.

Why posting pictures of pit bulls from the 1800s and 1900’s , calling them nanny dogs , or posting little rascals pictures does not work. – Pit bulls bad for your health .

One of the stupidest tactics used by pit bull advocates is to post images of pit bulls from the past , you know the past where women could not vote , slavery was a good idea , smoking and Leeches made good medicine , yeah lets go back in time pit bull advocates.

little rascals pit bull
How cute little rascals with a pit bull – see they make good pets


Aww little rascals doing black face thats so cool and not racist lets go out and do it now!!!

aww how cute
aww how cute girl from the 1800s , 1900s with a pit bull nanny dog how can you pick on them now!!

little kid smoking

Awe how cute little kid smoking , smoking must be good for you


Good medicine!!!

The general public no longer buys your outdated lies about pit bulls being nanny dogs or good for your health .

The pit bull blame game – 1000 Excuses – One Breed – Common excuses used by pit bull advocates

It’s the owner, It’s the victim, It’s the parent, It;s mis-identification, It’s the dog-fighters, It’s the backyard breeders, It’s the shelters, It’s the weather, It’s BSL, It’s just like any other dog, It’s the noise, It’s the jealously, It’s the lack of exercise, It’s the Media, It’s the fear, It’s all in your head, It’s the coconuts, It’s the bees, It’s the Pomeranian’s, It’s the chihuahua’s, It’s the poodles, It’s the dachshunds, It’s a five gallon bucket, It’s the chain, It’s the cage, It’s the haters, It’s the racism. It’s the ignorance, It’s the abuse, It’s dogsbite,org…1000 EXCUSES for one breed!!!

Was kill a pit bull night set up by pit bull advocates to get support for pit bulls ?

Kill a pit bull night – October 31st has made the rounds on most social and news media , where it has been exposed as a hoax . The real question is who would benefit from such a hoax and the why it falls on October 31st , coincidentally at the end of pit bull awareness month giving pit bulls more positive attention.

From 1 tweet saying “kill a pit bull day oct 31st HAHA” we have seen over 20 local and national news reports where pit bull advocates bring out their pit bulls saying how nice a dog they are and how scared they are from the crazies that hate their dogs.

They have used the the so called people that want to poison pit bulls – WHICH IS DESPICABLE and applied it to those that have concerns about pit bulls not being appropriate in suburbia or people that want BSL for pit bull owners that dogs maul are forced to have insurance so that medical bills can be paid.

So far pit bull advocates have already made legal threats about this tweet , smeared anyone that does not love pit bulls as a possible poisoner and tried to apply it to dogsbite.org and other pro bsl websites as encouraging this vile event.

The net positive effect of running such a campaign seems to hurt the cause for BSL and pit bull BANS , while all it has done is use the media to promote pit bulls , try to remove the notice of all the attacks pit bulls do including the baby in Detroit on October 4 and last it ties in with pit bull awareness month giving advocates more notice for the pit bull.

Was kill a pit bull day created by a pit bull advocate to give pit bulls media attention……