Woman whose pit bull attacked neighbor girl to face felony charge

HULA VISTA (CNS) – A woman arrested after her pit bull attacked a four-year-old neighbor girl outside a National City apartment building pleaded not guilty Thursday to a felony charge of a having a dangerous dog that she allowed to cause great bodily injury.

Brittany Morgan Gardiner, 22, was ordered held in lieu of $25,000.

A bail review was scheduled for Monday. Judge Katherine Bacal said she would consider a supervised release for the defendant, considering that she had no criminal record.

Deputy District Attorney Mary Loeb said the defendant allowed the 4-year-old to pet the roughly 65-pound dog when it suddenly lunged at the child and took a chunk of flesh out of her shoulder, then grabbed her by the face.

“The defendant did try to get her dog off the victim but she was unable to; the dog was too strong,” Loeb said outside court.

It took several neighbors to get the dog off the child, according to the prosecutor.

As the child lay bleeding, Gardiner tried to flee with the dog to Tijuana, but was apprehended, Loeb said.

Medics took the girl to Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego, where she was admitted in serious condition with injuries to her face and upper body, Lt. Keith Fifield said.

A certified legal intern for the Public Defender’s Office told the judge that Gardiner has owned the dog for more than two years and it had never shown any aggression before Wednesday’s attack.

Gardiner faces up to three years in prison if convicted.

“As we have it charged, we believe that she knew about the dangerous propensity of the animal,” Loeb said. “So she probably should not have allowed it around children. There are a number of things, I think, that could have been done because after the dog attacked the child she (Gardiner) was unable to control it. So she wasn’t in control of that very strong and powerful animal.”

The pit bull was impounded and will undergo a rabies quarantine, after which it will likely be euthanized, according to police.

A readiness conference was scheduled Oct. 19, to be followed by a preliminary hearing on Oct. 24.


$500,000+ Insurance payment after pit bull mauling Settlement reached two years after pit bull attack in Hanover

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York, PA –

Two years after being savagely mauled by two pit bulls, attorneys for Ajia Brown, who was 8 when he was attacked, and an insurance company reached a $500,000 settlement.

York County Judge Penny L. Blackwell authorized the agreement Monday.

Ajia will receive annual $65,000 payments, increasing at 5 percent annually, beginning in 2020 for a total of $406,000.

Ajia’s attorney, Thomas J. Newell, said an additional $8,600 in medical bills paid by the insurance company brings the settlement package to $508,614.

Chester L. Little, of Hanover, was charged with simple assault and reckless endangerment, along with a number of summary dog law violations, for his dogs’ attack on Ajia Brown.

According to Hanover Borough Police reports, the dogs escaped their gated and fenced yard and repeatedly bit the child, chewing off parts of both ears and tearing a large part of scalp away.

Police shot one dog.

The most serious charges against Little were dismissed at trial in April.

He was fined $1,000 for harboring a dangerous dog.

Ajia has undergone numerous surgeries to repair damage to his ears and scalp.

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Pit bull nutter lies – How pit bulls react to thunder and killing is normal for all dogs in a storm

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Two animal behaviorists respond to the Pitbull attack on grandmother that was blamed on Thunder on Dogsbite.org
Insights from Behaviorists
DogsBite.org along with commenters have become alarmed at the misleading rationale that a “normal” response by a “noise-sensitive” dog is to attack and kill a family member when under the duress of loud sounds, like the crack of thunder. It is even more disconcerting that a police captain is echoing this false rationale provided by the dog’s owner. One wonders if the dog had busted through the front door and killed a neighboring child, if police would be so easily misled?

DogsBite.org reaches out to animal behaviorists Gary Wilkes and Alexandra Semyonova:

Gary Wilkes

The most common reaction of a noise-sensitive dog in the presence of loud noises is to run from the sound or “hole up.” If the noise does not go away, they may frantically bite and claw through sheet-rock or sheet metal to try to escape…whether an exit beyond the obstacle would lead to safety or not. Once free of its cage, a normal dog would likely maintain its panicked attempts at flight or solicit comfort from a known human. The behavior of this dog is the opposite of what one would expect. Instead of becoming fearfully aroused it apparently became violently aroused. It has been suggested that the noise caused this dog to attack a human being. If true, I cannot understand why that would extenuate its behavior. It would seem to me that this explanation makes pit bulls many times more dangerous than any other type of dog. “Occam’s Razor” is a logical test of assumptions. It states that if there are two explanations for something, pick the more simple of the two. In this case, adding the thunder aspect seems to be an attempt to mask the dog’s history of violence and breed type. If an English pointer stands fixated at a parakeet perched in a cage, the simplest explanation is that the dog is a pointer. The simplest conclusion in this case is that the dog is a Pit Bull Terrier with a history of breed-specific behavior and unchecked violence.1
Gary Wilkes is an internationally acclaimed animal behaviorist, trainer, author, columnist and lecturer. View additional posts by Gary Wilkes.

Alexandra Semyonova

A normal dog who is afraid of thunder, fireworks, marching bands, or other loud noises will panic and try to flee or hide. The normal dog in this state of panic becomes deaf and blind to things in its surroundings, interested only in escaping the noise. It won’t take treats, won’t be comforted, won’t engage in any social interactions (including fighting). All it wants to do is get away from the noise. Every fiber of its being is concentrated on that and only that. People who own normal dogs don’t need to worry that their dog will suddenly attack and kill them because there’s stormy weather outside.

Pit bulls are different. Deathly fear or total panic is a state of high arousal. It’s well known that the pit bull doesn’t compose a socially appropriate response to various kinds of arousal. They often react to any type of arousal by starting to unfold their genetically determined, breed-specific, sustained attack behavior. They often do this if they get excited during what started as play with another dog, during attempts to mate, or even during a petting session if the pit bull gets too excited about the human affection it’s receiving. Startle is also known to trigger the genetic program the pit bull carries — for example, an owner slipping on the ice. If this pit bull’s reaction was related to hearing thunder, then it can only be in the sense that the thunder, like any startle or arousal, triggered a highly breed-specific reaction that only the pit-bull type dog will show.

This pit bull already had a history of aggression. It had already shown it reacted to various triggers by executing its breed-specific behavior. I’m not sure why Captain Nelson would feel so sure that this time the trigger was hearing thunder. It’s not clear why that would — even if accurate — somehow excuse not only the behavior of this pit bull, but also of all the others that attack in response to a stimulus that would cause any other dog to flee, to mate, or to bring its owner a favorite toy. The key to understanding this case isn’t in pinpointing what the trigger for the pit bull was this time. We’ll never know. It could just as well have been that this woman sneezed. The key to understanding this case lies in acknowledging that any kind of arousal in a pit bull can be fatal.

The idea that this woman’s stay in the hospital played some role is also ridiculous. When a known person comes home after an absence, even carrying unusual scents from a strange place, a dog still recognizes that person. The normal reaction is to be glad to see a friend who was gone for awhile. Normal dogs will show interest in the new smells, a kind of ‘hey, where ya been?’ interest. If one of the new smells makes a dog anxious (for example, it reminds him of how the vet’s office smells), the normal dog will move away or hide (‘you’re not taking me to the vet today if you can’t find me!’). People change their clothes, that kind of smell subsides quickly But it is in any case not a normal reaction to become highly aggressive and execute a sustained, killing attack just because someone has been gone for awhile or smells a bit odd.

The only baffling thing about this case is why so many people, even a police captain, are so anxious to blame pit bull behavior on anything and everything except hundreds of years of selecting for highly breed-specific sudden killing behavior. The problem here wasn’t thunder, and it wasn’t that this woman had been in the hospital. The problem here was that the dog was a pit bull.2
Alexandra Semyonova is an internationally acclaimed animal behaviorist, behavioral biologist, anthropologist and author of book. 100 Silliest Things People Say about Dogs.

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‘Why I shot crazed pit bull’ PIT BULL NUTTERS CRYING

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Durban – Despite lives that were put in danger by a rampaging pit bull in Malvern on Monday, two policemen watched the commotion from the safety of their van, an annoyed resident said.

The man eventually killed the dog by shooting it in the head – after several other shots failed to stop it.

The animal caused mayhem on Stella Road on Monday morning, charging at everyone who crossed its path and causing terrified schoolchildren to bolt for safety after alighting from a taxi.

Several people were attacked by the pit bull, including a domestic worker who was mauled as she got out of a taxi.

Her employer, the Reverend Brian Naidoo, said on Tuesday night he had spoken to his employee on Monday night as she was waiting to go into theatre at RK Khan Hospital in Chatsworth.

The woman had told him she was bitten on her hands and legs.

“People who keep pit bulls should know how dangerous they can get. They should always keep them indoors,” Naidoo said.

“Those dogs are as good as robbers and rogues as [their actions] cannot be predicted.”

A local resident, who asked not to be named, said he shot the dog after his appeals to the policemen for help went unheeded.

He said he knew something was amiss when he noticed a man with a gun outside the gate of his house at about 7am.

“I asked him what was going on and then I saw this dog on the road and people from the taxi running. It was a commotion,” he said.

“The dog ran past my gate and I thought it was safe and opened it as I was taking my son to school.

“But before I knew it, the dog was in my yard charging at my son.”

Horrified, the man said he told his son to run back to the house and he had fortunately reacted almost immediately. But the pit bull did not give up and turned towards him.

“I was saved by my dog [a pregnant boxer] as it had come to my defence, but this dog was much stronger and I knew that if I did nothing, my dog would be ripped to pieces,” he said.

“There were SAPS police in their vehicle during this commotion and not once did they get out of their vehicle to help us with this dog


He said that before he decided to draw his own firearm in a bid to save his boxer, he called out to the policemen to shoot the pit bull, but they would not move from their vehicle.

“I fired a shot at it [the pit bull], but it just continued to attack my dog,” he said.

“I then fired a number of shots, but it still continued. It was only when I shot it in the head that it finally let go.”

The man said his family, especially his six-year-old son, were “traumatised” by the attack.

“A number of people from that taxi were apparently attacked by this dog.

“It… could have killed someone and the police were there, but did nothing and I had to shoot it,” he said.

“When I asked them why, they said it was [the] metro police’s responsibility. I could not believe it.”

Provincial police spokesman Captain Thulani Zwane insisted that the two policemen were not under any duty to act.

“Any matter relating to dogs is part of municipal by-laws, and can either be handled by metro police or the SPCA if any investigation is required,” he said.

Zwane said the SAPS would not be contacting the owner of the pit bull because it was “not a police matter”.

He said he did not know how many people had been attacked because no cases had been opened. The dead pit bull was collected by men who had been sent by the owner.

The resident who shot the dog said he approached the pit bull owner, a local businessman.

“I asked him if his dog had been vaccinated for rabies and he said yes,” he said.

The pit bull owner could not be contacted on Tuesday.

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Put Bull Nutter – Did owner of vicious pit bull pull switcheroo on animal control?

So this nutter buys another dog and gives it up to save her pit bull.

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LONGVIEW, Wash. — The owner of a vicious pit bull that attacked a little boy two weeks ago said she has finally turned the dog over to animal control officials.

The controversy is far from over, though, because questions still remain as to if the owner actually turned the dogs over.

The dog bit a 5-year-old neighbor boy recently and that boy lost a large part of his right leg in the attack. The boy also had to get a pair of rabies shots.

The description of the dog — a grey and white pit bull — loosely fits the same dog that has now bitten four people. That description is causing some confusion as to whether the dog that bit the boy is the same one who was turned over to animal control officials.

Figuring out the conundrum is Cowlitz County Animal Control Officer Mike Nicholson. He sees several pit bulls while he works. Some have to be kenneled away from the general population, which is the case of Lexi, the pregnant dog at the center of the controversy.

In late-August, the owner of the dog was asked why she would not give the dog to animal control so it could be tested for rabies. One man who was bitten by Lexi in April was asked if this was the correct dog. The man was adamant that the dog that bit him and Lexi were different dogs. A dozen neighbors were in agreement, as well.

One reason why people are so sure that Lexi is not the dog that bit the boy was because of her timid nature. Neighbors said the real dog definitely would have attacked. Now neighbors are trying to find out who this dog really belongs to.

“She tried to make us think this is the right dog,” Nicholson said, referring to the dog’s owner Kim Vasquez. “From my documentation that I have from my prior visit in April, this is not the dog.”

But where’s the real Lexi?

“I gave the dog to them to prove she didn’t have rabies,” Vasquez said, referring to animal control officials. “I’m complying with all of the laws. I’m getting insurance. I’ve gotten a kennel.”

Vasquez and her son Nicholas showed pictures of a grey and white pit bull, reiterating that it’s the same one at animal control and that it is, in fact, Lexi.

Nicholson said he’s not going to give up until the right dog is in possession of animal control and he’s got some backup. The Cowlitz County prosecutor’s office now has reports that recommend Vasquez be charged with forging rabies records for the pit bull.

Vasquez has served time in prison for forgery and said she does not want to return to prison

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