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The Victims Voice Videos – The Solesky Collage – WE ARE DOMINIC

The Solesky family and friends who are all victims of the pit bull attack


PIT BULL FATALITIES OVER THE PAST 11 YEARS …. OUT NUMBER American Airlines Flight 11 Victims

The number of fatal pit bull attacks per year …

2001 1
2002 0
2003 4
2004 4
2005 12
2006 12
2007 15
2008 11
2009 11
2010 19
2011 9
2012 11

So lets total them up that’s 98 People from 2001 to 2011
And 109 From 2001 to 2012

Now lets compare this number to say the victims of American Airlines Flight 11 – 78 people
87 on American Airlines Flight 11
60 on United Airlines Flight 175
59 on American Airlines Flight 77
40 on United Flight 93

Pit bull victims are rising and the numbers of victims are huge – dont let silly advocates pretend the number is nothing – the number is more then the planes hijacked on September 11.

Pit Bull Victims Mother Speaks Out


The mother of a yound boy mauled by a pit bull and left with permanent scarring and life altering injuries speaks out about the tragic consequences of a vicious pit bull attack and the toll it takes on them all. One of the worst aspects is they are forced to relive it at times and will for years to come.

Join us in demanding justice for all pit bull victims, sign the petitions!