Police taser pit bull after attack on man in Hawkwood

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CALGARY — It took a stun gun and three officers to restrain a pit bull as it attacked a man and his dog in northwest Calgary on Wednesday.

But Roger Cole figured the canine was “unstoppable.”

Cole was walking his shepherd-boxer cross, Rudy, in the 100 block of Hawkwood Way N.W. on Wednesday afternoon when he met two dogs that had escaped from a nearby backyard.

A scuffle broke out between Rudy and one of two wayward dogs — a pit bull.

Cole said the pit bull ended up pinning his dog. And when yelling didn’t stop the attack, he pulled a fence post from a nearby scrap lumber pile and took action.

“I was beating this pit bull — I mean hard,” he said. “It didn’t even faze him.”

“You know the movie The Terminator? You couldn’t stop him — that’s how this dog was.”

Cole said the attack went on for about 25 minutes before police arrived.

The pit bull was still on top of Rudy when authorities arrived. A Taser was needed to subdue it, duty staff sergeant John McCarthy told reporters at the scene.

“It was effective, to a certain extent,” McCarthy said. “But then the officers had to go in and basically wrestle the pit bull down.”

Steve Daley, a tenant of the house where the dogs reside, arrived on scene shortly after the skirmish. Daley was seen shouting at both dogs while they were detained in separate police cars.

Afterwards, he said it was likely that the pit bull, called Theta, was play fighting with the other dog.

McCarthy said the case appeared to be much more than roughhousing, based on the officers’ account.

“It didn’t look like dogs having a pleasant visit on the street,” he said. “It looked like a dog attack.”

Cole said a veterinarian told him that Rudy’s injuries were limited to his ears, which was lucky.

Daley, who recently moved in with the dogs’ owners, said Theta is being unfairly judged based on breed.

“He’s just a big, scary-looking dog,” Daley said. “Do you hate somebody because they’re big?”

Cole thinks otherwise.

“Only a bullet could stop that dog,” he said, adding he’d like to see the city adopt breed-specific legislation.

Theta is being held at a City of Calgary facility while animal and bylaw services investigates. They were waiting to speak with the dogs’ owners.

Charges are pending against the owners of the escaped dogs.

With files from Clara Ho, Calgary Herald

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Pitbull sinks teeth into leg of swimmer

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Cape Town –

A pitbull terrier attacked a teenage boy as he swam near a boat ramp in Hout Bay on Sunday, NSRI spokesman Craig Lambinon said.

“Once the dog got hold of him, it would not let go. A bystander took the top jaw of the dog and another took the bottom jaw and they prised the jaws open to free the teenager’s leg. It appears the dog and its owner left the scene,” Lambinon said.

Emergency Medical Services took the teenager to Victoria Hospital, where he was treated and discharged.

Police did not know of the incident, spokesman Andre Traut said.

Hout Bay Community Police forum member Roscoe Jacobs said: “Dogs on the beach are a big problem. There are areas for walking dogs, but there is no control. People don’t care. They take over the entire beach.

“The other evening, I was walking on the beach when a big dog charged at me. The owner called it back and while I was talking to him, the dog went and bit someone else. The council must enforce by-laws.”

In January, Bridgetown toddler Meeka Riley Lackay was mauled by a Rottweiler on Clifton Beach and later had four hours of surgery. A month later, the animal’s owner, who called himself the “Dog Shaman”, had the dog put down.

Cape Times

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Pit bull Owner, Debra Renee Roberts, Violently Killed by Her 2 Dogs

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chilling 911 call released on September 10 described the scene of a deadly pit bull attack on Friday night, when Debra Renee Wilson-Roberts was apparently killed by her own Pit Bulls. The tragic incident occurred just before 11:00 p.m.

Debra Renee Roberts, 45, lived with her husband, Brian Roberts, on NCTR Road near U.S. 365, in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, according to reports.

Brian Roberts told authorities he had gone next door to visit neighbors for about 20 minutes and when he returned home he saw his wife on the floor and called 911.

“I think my wife is dead. I am not sure,” he told the operator, “her leg is almost chewed off,” reported Fox16 News.

Debra Renee Wilson-Roberts suffered extremely severe bites wounds to both her legs and deputies say it is possible the dogs severed one of her arteries and she bled to death, according to KARK-4 News.

Brian Roberts said he could not get to her, because their two pit bulls were acting so viciously.

“He attempted to render aid to her and was prevented from getting in the home, they turned on him,” said Major Lafayette Woods, Jr., spokesman for Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department.

Woods said what he saw at the house was a first in his eight-year career. He described the scene as horrific and gruesome. ‘There was a substantial amount of blood at the scene, also damage to the body that we believe came as a result of the dogs attacking,” he told KATV.com.

He said that Roberts’ husband came home from the neighbors to find the dog, Zeus, pacing by his wife’s body with his mouth, paws and neck bloody.

Deputies say when they arrived, they could see Debra’s body inside, but couldn’t get to her because the dogs were hovering over her body. The large male Pit Bull then lunged at police when they arrived, keeping them away from her body.

Deputies say they had no other choice but to shoot and kill the dog. However, a second Pit Bull was able to be taken alive and impounded. “I went in the house and she was in the bedroom on the bed. When she saw me she raised up, she was ready,” said Brandon Southerland, Director of Pine Bluff Animal Control.

“It may be possible that we do an autopsy on the dog–the one that is deceased– to determine the stomach contents,” said Major Woods, Jr.

Deputies say the woman has been bitten before by the same dogs. However, her husband said she went to the hospital and did not file a report with animal control, Woods Jr., continued.

“As a result of it (she was) actually taken to the ER. We’re not sure how substantial her damage was or her injuries were at that time.”

The victim’s mother, Patsy Cannon, said she warned her daughter that pit bulls were not good dogs to have as pets. She said she felt the dogs would turn on her daughter one day, reports Arkansasmatters.com

Roberts’ friend, Marla Glover, says that Debra Renee Roberts loved all animals and has been known to adopt strays. She told KTHV.com that Roberts really loved Zeus and that the big Pit Bull would crawl up in her lap and he was real playful. Glover guessed that Zeus weighed more than a hundred pounds.

But officials with the Pine Bluff police department reportedly stated they have received two prior calls from neighbors concerned about neglect of the dogs.

Deputies say they are awaiting the results of an autopsy on Debra Renee Roberts. But it is not likely charges will be filed because it appears the dogs simply turned violent against their owners.

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