Pit Bull Attack Video: Dogs Maul One Woman, Kill Another In Separate Incidents (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Separate pit bull attacks in South Carolina killed one woman and left another unconscious within hours of each other, according to reports. The incident in which the victim survived was captured in gruesome footage by police arriving on the scene.

A video released by local CBS affiliate WSPA shows three pit bulls mauling Dreamer Denise Rice, 44, early Wednesday in Spartanburg, S.C.


Rice sustained bites to her face, arms and stomach and was bleeding profusely when police arrived, authorities told WSPA. As of Thursday morning, she was in serious condition at an area hospital, the Spartanburg Herald Journal wrote in an update.

Police pulled two of the dogs off Rice and shot the third when it turned on an officer, the Journal reported. The other two dogs were quarantined at the Spartanburg Humane Society.

The dogs’ owner, Ray Willis Williams, received citations for not having proof of rabies vaccinations but could face more charges, according to the reports.

Sixty miles away in Hodges, S.C., 65-year-old Betty Ann Chapman Todd, died after being bitten Tuesday night by what authorities believe was a pit bull, WSPA writes in a separate story. The sheriff’s report said the animal was found at the scene with blood on its body. It became aggressive, and the homeowners arrived to help lock the dog in a back room, the website noted.

Chapman was babysitting the homeowners’ 17-month-old child.

According to DogBites.org, pit bulls have killed 128 Americans between 2005 and 2011.

WARNING: This video contains graphic content that might not be suitable for all viewers.



Pit bulls in new zealand – 18% of the attacks , less then 2% of the dog population

Pit bulls in new zealand need to be banned
Support BSL
Pit bulls in new zealand – 18% of the attacks , less then 2% of the dog population
pit bulls new zealand

Dallas City Hall Wants $20,000 from Dog Owner Whose Pit Bull Attacked a Code Inspector

A Dallas code inspector named Donna Garza was making her appointed rounds back in December 2010 when she came upon the home of Loyd Ferrell Ray, in a tree-lined neighborhood south of Preston Hollow.

As she conducted her routine inspection of his home, Ray’s pit bull got lose somehow, and drew a bead on the inspector. Garza was injured. And now the city is suing Ray.

“At no time did Garza provoke the pit bull dog,” says the complaint alleging negligence, filed in Dallas district court. The lawsuit doesn’t say how badly she was injured, Tom Perkins, the city attorney, declined to elaborate. But it makes clear that the city is out nearly $20,000 in worker’s compensation benefits paid to Garza, and it wants Ray to pony up the entire bill.

“Defendant, as having dominion and control of the pit bull that is responsible for the
aforesaid incident, owed a duty to Garza to keep her safe from dangerous conditions by properly constraining and/or confining the dangerous and vicious dog,” the complaint reads. “Defendant exposed Garza to a dangerous animal which the Defendant knew or should have known had dangerous propensities.”

As such, the city figures, Ray’s liable.

Be forewarned, Dallas dog owners: Secure your animals. The city will come after you.

TYPICAL PIT BULL OWNER – Boyfriend Allegedly Orders Pit Bull To Attack Girlfriend, Bitten Over 20 Times


EWPORT (WWJ) – A Monroe County woman told police she was bitten over 20 times by a pit bull that her boyfriend allegedly ordered to attack her during a violent domestic dispute.

Sheriff’s Deputies say the alleged incident happened at the Elizabeth Woods Mobile Home Park on Telegraph, near Newport Road, in Newport on Wednesday night when the couple began to argue over ownership of a vehicle.

The 42-year-old woman reportedly told police the argument turned physical when her 48-year-old boyfriend choked her so severely that she almost passed out, The Monroe Evening News reported.

After the choking incident, the man allegedly ordered the dog to attack the woman. The dog reportedly bit the woman numerous times on her feet, legs and hands.

The woman told deputies the assault lasted more than 30 minutes. She was taken to Mercy Memorial Hospital for treatment of her injuries that were visible to police.

Deputies tried to speak to the woman’s boyfriend, but he fled the area. An officer responding to the man’s home said when he knocked on the door, he could hear the dog barking and scratching.

Names of the man and woman were not immediately released.

Felony assault charges are being sought. An investigation is ongoing.

The attack is one of several in recent months by pit bulls.

Most recently, a three-week-old girl was mauled to death by a pit bull on Detroit’s west side. Police say the dog attacked the baby after she was left strapped into a car seat on the floor of a home. Her mother had left the room and returned to see the dog attacking her newborn. The woman told police she didn’t know there was a dog in the house. The dog was euthanized following the attack.

Earlier this month, a six-year-old boy was bitten by a pit bull while riding his bike in Stockbridge Township, which is located between Ann Arbor and Lansing. Ingham County Sheriff’s Deputies said they were forced to fatally shoot the dog after it was observed running freely in the yard and acting aggressively. Deputies then left a note explaining what had happened for the homeowner, who was not present at the time.

Near the end of August, a Henry Ford Hospital employee was attacked by two pit bulls as she was walking through the hospital’s staff parking lot. Witnesses at the scene told police either security guards or police officers shot and killed the dogs to get them off of the woman, who survived the attack with multiple bites.

Edmonton will see increased in mauling and violent pit bull attacks evidence says – Pitbull restrictions “may” become thing of the past

The city of Edmonton may change a bylaw that places restrictions on specific dog breeds like pit bulls.

Edmonton will see increased in mauling and violent pit bull attacks experts say as Pitbull restrictions “may” become thing of the past

The law requires owners of Staffordshire Bull Terriers and American Staffordshire Terriers to buy extra insurance, muzzle their animals and stay away from off-leash parks.

But there are questions as to whether the law in its current form is enforceable and effective, so council is now looking at removing mention of any breeds from the definition of restricted dogs.

Administration also found that the majority of Edmontonians surveyed believe that dog attacks are caused by poor training and bad owners.

The bylaw change has the support of the Edmonton Humane Society.

“We think it’s a really progressive step for the City of Edmonton not to judge by breed but judge by behavior,” said Humane Society executive director Stephanie McDonald.

“If you remove the bylaw, (owners are) going to license their dogs and so they can get the same support everybody else gets.”

McDonald believes this change will help pit bull owners feel like part of the community.

City council is expected to vote on the bylaw change next week.

Cudley and Cute – Pit Bull Mauls 9-year-old Girl – Ban the violent pit bull breed – support BSL

Marshall County) A nine-year-old girl was mauled by a pit bull. It happened around 3:45 p.m. on Pin Oak Road just south of Byhalia. The little girl, Makala Parker, is at Le Bonheur recovering from her injuries.

“According to her he had her head and he was shaking her,” Makala’s grandfather, Jeff Hughes, said.

Hughes said his neighbors pit bull ferociously bit into his precious granddaughter
ripping her school uniform to shreds.

“He grabbed her in her shoulder and her legs. He put a four-inch gash behind her neck,” Hughes said.

Hughes said Makala had just come home from school when she went down the street to hang out with friends. When she opened their door the dog attacked.

“She has been around the dog a zillion times,” Hughes said. “I guess, being locked up in that bedroom all day long it got out and went nuts.”

Hughes said luckily a neighbor was walking their dog along the road, and their caught the attention of the pit bull.

“Smiley tried to get the pitt’s attention and it started chasing her,” Victoria Cox said.

The pit bull bit Smiley several times.

“She had to get staples and stuff,” Cox said. “It’s really bad under her butt.”

While the dog attacked Smiley, neighbors had time to get Makala help.

“I think she’s (Smiley) kind of a hero,” Cox said.

Makala was airlifted to the hospital. Her grandfather said she’ll have a long road to recovery.

“She’s going to be sore for a while and she’s going to need stitches behind her neck,” he said. “I’m sure they’ll cut her hair off. But she should be fine.”

The dog was taken by the Marshall County Animal Control. It is in quarantine. The owner of the dog has apologized to the family.

Mom: Child unrecognizable after pit bull attack

By Walter Morris and Fox 5 San Diego Staff

7:52 a.m. PDT, October 11, 2012

NATIONAL CITY, Calif. – A 4-year-old girl suffered extensive injuries after a 65-pound pit bull terrier attacked her in a National City courtyard, police said Wednesday.

The pit bull terrier mauled Hailey Nunez outside a National City apartment building shortly before 10:30 a.m. when she tried to pet it in the central courtyard at the Laurel Avenue complex, where she and her family live, according to police.

“At least five guys tried to take the dog away but he wouldn’t let go,” Nunez’s uncle Angel Torres said. “One guy grabbed a rock and hit [the dog] in the head five times, but he wouldn`t let go.”

I wanted to die because when I saw her I couldn`t believe what happened,” the victim’s mother Ruby Nunez said. ”She had deep cuts under her nose, her shoulder and under her face.”

The 4-year-old is now in stable condition, but her injuries have made her almost unrecognizable, according to her mother.

Officers stopped the owner of the pit bull, 22-year-old Brittany Morgan Gardiner, as she tried to drive away from the complex, where she also lives, according to Fifield.

Gardiner was booked into county jail on suspicion of child endangerment, resisting police and allowing a vicious animal to inflict injury, with arraignment scheduled for Thursday afternoon.

The dog was impounded and will undergo a rabies quarantine, after which it likely will be euthanized, the lieutenant said.

Gardiner told officers she had given the neighbor child permission to pet the canine, believing it had no aggressive tendencies, according to Fifield.