How pit bull advocates work – slander a sign to hurt a positive message

How pit bull advocates work

Hahahaha look at the walk for pit bull victims they didn’t have professional signage hahahahah look it was stuck to a tree they did not get it professionally put up on a billboard hahahahhah

This is one of the tactics used , lets slander a positive and successful walk with attendance of over 100 people , the walk has donated thousands of dollars to pit bull victims , allowed a positive message to get worldwide media attention and directly helped  2 victims of pitbulls ( children) to help with medical cost that went straight to their family.


Celebrity endorsement – Kate Gosselin supports walk for pit bull victims

Kate Gosselin retweeted the following message: “Children who were victims of pit bulls Take a look & see why people care.


This has caused pit bull lovers to get upset and go into overdrive slandering Kate and her children. Well done Kate , keep up the fight and help us end violent dog attacks from pit bulls and other breeds.



pit bull awareness day and Walk for Victims of Pit Bulls oct 27

Roaming groups of pit bulls and their crazy owners have taken to the streets today to try and advertise their breed.
i would try to avoid all parks today because you dont know where pit bull owners will strike.

Today is also the walk for pit bull and other dog victims so take a time out to acknowledge how lucky you are a pit bull or other dog hasnt mauled you or your child.

Violence threatened on pit bull victims – Walk for pit bull victims

Angela M Granata Triplett· Top Commenter

wow I’d love to go to the event and kick some Sorry Hatin and uneducated peoples asses! To all of you that hate the Pitbull and anyother dog based simply on it’s breed…..FUCK YOU!
Berlin the Great

I wish I could be there.. to throw bottles at them. Hateful bigots.

Gill Thomas · Top Commenter · Knoxville, Tennessee

We should go and hand out mayo sarnies to the haters, that is acceptable food to them.
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Mary Es Crossposting Etzkorn · · Self employed at Crossposting Across America

I hope another pitbull finds her and eats her…
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How the examiner slandered pit bull attack victims “get a brain morans”- pit bull awareness day , walk for pit bull victims

here is the original
get a brain examiner

examiner slanders victims

The examiner has stopped to new lows using a photo shopped image to paint pit bull victims as “morans”
This is beyond insulting to all the victims of pit bull attacks , and to paint people with legitimate concerns about the most vicious dog breed as idiots is beyond insulting .
Cindy Marabito should be fired .


Here some comments from pit bull nutters proving they are the morons and cannot tell a basic meme and Photoshop


Kriss Blake Richison· Top Commenter

I love how the brainiac mispelled “moron” on his poster (in the picture). The sign reads: “Get a brain morans!” I googled “morans” and the urban dictionary gives it’s definition as: “A moron’s spelling of the word moron which means idiot. Also the name of a city in the state of Kansas.”
Sharon Aldridge Sleighter· Top Commenter

These people are the “Westboro Baptist Church of the Canine World”. Totally misinformed, laughably ignorant and they refuse any reason or logic that doesn’t further their misguided cause. And please, if you don’t want to look like a moron, please look up the spelling of the word before you put it on a poster calling others morans!
Amy Keller · Oxford, Ohio

What good is it going to do to require pit bulls to be muzzled in public? I’m going to go out on a limb and say the dogs that are biting people are not likely dogs who are being walked on leashes by responsible owners. The dogs biting are more likely to be strays, or dogs who have gotten loose (either accidentally or on purpose) from some kind of enclosure or yard or house. So all we have to do is get the dogs to put muzzles on themselves before they break free from their chain or their kennel or their yard to go terrorize the neighborhood…Bad dogs come from bad owners, not good responsible owners. I’m going to guess that if you can’t get the bad owners to do the basics like spay / neuter, provide basic healthcare & socialization and not fight their dogs, then you might not have too much luck getting the to comply with muzzle requirements while they take their Sunday afternoon stroll through the park. Just a guess. And I think the “Get a brain! morans” sign just about says all you need to say about anybody who supports this group.
Gill Thomas · Top Commenter · Knoxville, Tennessee

Yes ignore the sign that says “Ban pit bulls” and then it isn’t about BSL is it – you sound like one of the morans eve :0
Shawn Lowe· Top Commenter

It is too bad that people like her are given some credibility. She, like so many others, are blaming the wrong end of the leash…and behaving like “morans” to boot.

Happy Birthday Turns Five-Years Old – October 15, 2012 marks the fifth year that has been operating on the World Wide Web, documenting statistics and providing resources to help prevent serious dog attacks. Our news comes on the heels of a press release issued for the upcoming October Tucson event: Walk for Victims of Pit Bulls and Other Dangerous Dogs. National dog bite victims’ advocates, including founder Colleen Lynn and Anthony Solesky will be speaking at the event. hopes to see you in Tucson, Arizona on October 27!

A world of change has occurred since last October, starting in January when Animal People editor Merritt Clifton released a 30-year summary of Dog Attack Deaths and Maimings, U.S. & Canada. The report shows a great escalation in pit bull maulings in the past 10 years. Furthermore, 39% of pit bull attacks involving serious injury and death in the last 30 years have occurred since 2007 alone, when national animal groups ramped up their pit bull advocacy due to Michael Vick.

In April 2012, the highest court in Maryland set off a firestorm by declaring, “pit bulls are inherently dangerous” and attached strict liability when a pit bull attacks. launched the Maryland Dog Bite Victims Advocacy web page and email alert list to help citizens and groups take action to support the Court’s decision. After a failed attempt by Maryland legislators to override the Court’s ruling in August, the Pit Bull Task Force is set to meet again on October 25.

News about the Pit Bull Task Force arrives as fatal dog attacks in the United States reach record-breaking frequency. From September 1 to October 4, nine U.S. citizens were killed by canines. 67% of these attacks involved pit bulls, of these attacks, 100% involved a pet pit bull killing a family member. The U.S. is on track to surpass 40 fatal dog attacks for the year of 2012. Without the growing dog bite victim advocacy movement, there would be even more fatal dog attacks.